5 Best Stocks To Buy And Hold For Long Term

Buying stocks is a smart move, especially if you’re looking forward to a stress-free retirement. Stocks help investors to organize themselves financially and in all other aspects.

Choosing the best stocks to buy seems to be the ultimate challenge for most investors. They have to weigh options and ask around for sound advice to avoid burning their fingers.

Getting immersed in the stock market requires investors to be prepared for eventualities. Stocks are unpredictable, and only thick-skinned investors can pull through any form of disappointment.

Here are five of the best stocks to buy and hold for the long term.

1.   Chevron (CVX)

Chevron is an undisputed oil distribution giant that has made it to the significant fields of refining, exploration, and production. It’s a sure bet in terms of stocks if revenues are anything to go by.

Chevron is under the capable leadership of CEO Mike Wirth, who has influenced its expansion and general growth. Though its shares might be a bit on the higher side, it’s worth it considering its steady cash flow system.

Its diverse oil relations have led to its safe sustenance and capitalization on gas and oil. One of its secrets to higher cash flows is the ability to spend less on capital and focus more on its financial and operational performance.

Chevron is leaning towards the fact that a significant percentage of the world’s population is still dependent on fossil energy despite the green energy transition. Investors stand to gain from gas and oil prices that keep escalating.

Chevron’s most considerable flex is the acquisition of Noble Energy, which makes the most out of undeveloped resources. This is a worthy investment that is looking at millions in returns.

2.   Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is a winning brand in the field of non-alcoholic beverages. Investors have nothing to worry about when buying this stock for the long term. Coca-Cola is the proud owner of about twenty-four other brands estimated to be worth billions.

The diversification card has been Coca-Cola’s winning enterprise since it utilizes every opportunity to produce and sell quality non-alcoholic drinks. It keeps growing in leaps and bounds in terms of revenues due to its soda sales worldwide.

Shares are estimated to be sixty-eight cents which are twenty-six cents up from the previous forty-two percent. Finding reliable investment platforms such as Robomarkets is beneficial to investors who wish to know what they are getting themselves into.

Things are looking up for Coca-Cola due to the global economic recovery. Its strength lies primarily in its investment in prominent beverage brands to reach a global audience. Coca-Cola’s doors are open for investors who wish to settle for high-quality and affordable stocks. The conditions are conducive since Coca-Cola is always aiming for growth by looking for new areas.

3.   Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP)

As the name suggests, BIP is concerned with matters to do with infrastructure. Its core business revolves around the acquisition of infrastructural assets that prove to be high-quality and durable. BIP also heightens its focus on assets that require the lowest maintenance levels to save on unnecessary expenditure. The release of its revenue status challenged most investors to put their best foot forward.

Its revenues currently stand at $2.7 billion as of early in August this year. BIP is also recovering strongly from the previous economic recession and has lots of profits to show for it.

BIP released a statement through its CEO that highlighted its progress. It has managed to complete its initiatives on recycling which has seen its investments to the end.

Investors need not worry about the downside of partnerships. BIP has them covered through the split of shares belonging solely to BIP. Investors on an income are most welcome since BIP has affordable yet attractive stock.

4.   Verizon Communications

Investors who are passionate about communications can try their luck in Verizon Communications. This is a giant wireless service provider that connects modern devices such as PCs, laptops, etc., to the internet. It boasts close to 100 million in totality to its subscribers. About 91 million rely on its postpaid services, while about 4 million are subscribed to its prepaid services. Verizon Communications is a company whose services have attained nationwide status.

Investors can entrust their earnings to Verizon Communications due to its great potential in the corporate world. It holds the potential to look after investors during their retirement years.

Verizon enlists growth patterns that fall somewhere around 4% annually for the next couple of years. They can attribute these vast returns to their investment in the wireless sector and meet the 5G service delivery requirements.

5.   Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy deals in energy and has invested seriously in the distribution of electricity estimated to be around 30 gigawatts. It attains its stability in different ways, including its sale of natural gas to fellow giants.

Investors can expect nothing less when making their deposits for valuable and high-yielding stocks. What’s more, a look at its annual earnings is enough to convince investors to give it a try.


Most investors look forward to a healthy and relaxing retirement when looking for genuine stocks to buy. The stock market has become a beehive of giant companies battling for the top spot in terms of revenue increment. Investors ought to dig deeper to know what lies ahead of them when their time for retirement finally dawns on them.

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