Why choose white-label cab software to build a profitable taxi app?

Hello! This 8-minute read will cover the ins and outs of the white-label taxi app development. With the onset of Uber’s ride-hailing services, the traditional taxi businesses have faced a dip. This dip has been increasing over the years as the number of online ride-hailing apps is increasing. This clearly states the popularity of on-demand taxis among passengers.

In this content, we will circle over the white-label taxi app development that covers the steps in starting the taxi business, the type of business models, and of course, the app’s features.

Stating The Exact Definition Of White-Label Taxi App Development

White-labelling a product means transferring the ownership of the product from the producer to the buyer. In taxi app development, the development company will white-label the app, thereby giving complete ownership to the clients. The clients will brand the app with their preferred name and logo. That’s all about white labeling!

Steps To Take Into Account Before Launching Your White-label Taxi App

  • Propose your business plan

Your business plan will contain the objectives of your taxi business including the user data, competitors, vision, and timeline. You need to analyze the level of competition that is prevailing in the region or country in which you are about to launch your taxi business. That’s where you do competitor analysis. 

  • Find a niche to roll out your taxi business

In the on-demand taxi business, you have got ride-hailing, carpooling, and P2P ride-sharing services. You can choose the type of taxi service and reach out to the target audience. In general, it is better to provide different services rather than holding on to a single service. 

  • Stick to a business model

In the online taxi business, there are three types of business models for you to choose from. They are subscription-based, hosted, and partnership. As for the subscription-based model, you will have to pay a monthly or annual subscription to your app developer.

Whereas in a hosted model, the app development company will hand over the source code of your app, and you will make a one-time payment. And finally, the partnership model is where you will have to share your profits with the app development company or pay a subscription fee annually.

  • Choose the kind of app development 

In the white-label taxi app development, you have got two kinds of app development. Either you can recruit developers or approach an app development company. But, this method is quite costly. So, you can outsource your app development to a company and get the app developed.

As of the current times, the ready-made taxi app development is the trendsetter. In the upcoming sections, we will discuss the benefits of investing in ready-made taxi app development.

  • Hire driving partners

Next, you need to look out for driving partners. You can source drivers from freelancing websites or third-party agencies. Again, it is up to you to employ the drivers as gig drivers or full-time employees. As we all know that Uber employs drivers as gig drivers. Of course, the gig drivers can take up the rides based on their availability.

Now, as promised before, we will discuss the perks of investing in ready-made taxi app development.

Perks Vested With The Ready-Made Taxi App Development

  • Less capital

Investing in the ready-made taxi app requires fewer capital funds in comparison to developing the taxi app from scratch. Of course, building your app from scratch will eat up time and money. The longer the app development, the higher the cost will be. So, the ready-made taxi app gains an edge over the traditional way of developing the app from scratch in terms of capital.

  • Ability to market in a short span 

It is a universal statement that online taxi businesses are surging with every passing year. So, the sooner you launch the app, the better will be your opportunity to reach out to the users. Ready-made apps are not only budget-friendly but are also time-efficient.

Once you are ready with your business requirements, you can discuss the same with the app developers.

In case you prefer to add some customizations, your developer will implement them and white-label the app. On average, you can launch your ready-made app within a week or even less, which depends on the level of customization.

  • Post-launch product support

In general, app development companies provide product support ranging from a few weeks to months. So, the app development companies will help you in fixing the bugs or any kind of maintenance after launching your app. 

  • And, of course, easy to rebrand!

Rebranding is again one of the perks of ready-made app solutions. Once the development company completes the development and testing procedures, then the app will be white-labeled. Once the app is white-labeled, you will be the sole owner of the app, thereby letting you add your business name and logo.

Crucial Elements Of The Taxi App

The Passenger App

The passenger will install the taxi app, get registered on the platform after entering the details. Once the passenger logs in to the app, he/she will start the booking process by entering the pick-up and drop-off locations. Once entered, the nearest drivers will get the notification. Meanwhile, the passenger will get to know the charges, which will be calculated based on the distance to be traveled. 

The Driver App

The drivers will sign up for your taxi app and provide their details for registration. The drivers will get booking notifications from the passengers who are located in and around the location of the drivers. If the driver accepts the passenger’s request, they will move to the location, pick up the passenger and drive them to their destination.

The Admin Panel

From the admin panel, you will look after the business operations that include monitoring the number of bookings, location of the vehicle, payments, reviews given by the drivers/users, etc. Also, you can check the earnings of the drivers and can manually assign the rides.

Final thoughts

As this topic is all about white-label taxi app development, you must definitely know about the Uber clone, a ready-to-launch taxi app solution. I hope this blog has surfaced the advantages of investing in white-label taxi app development.
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