About Us

Hence, we always seek to be useful, inspiring and empowering in the content that we create, helping our readers to live, play, love and work better and smarter.

Through our multi-channel platforms in Health, Fashion, Business and entertainment, we are well-placed to reach our audiences where they are at to create meaningful conversations that matter.



Our goal when writing our posts is to make it easy for you. You don’t have a lot of time so we only give you the information you need on the topics that matter.

Our Values


When you are thinking about who to follow and who you want to work with, values matter. Here are our 3 of our most important values:

  • Excellence – Providing insights and deliverables at the highest quality standards
  • Collaboration – Leveraging the wisdom and talent of client teams
  • Innovation – Thinking outside of conventional wisdom to recommend new ideas that make an impact