Which Dab Rig Is Right For Me?

Which Dab Rig Is Right For Me

The Meaning Of Dab: What No One Is Talking About

Dab bongs and oil rigs are other names for dab rigs. It is an apparatus constructed of glass that resembles a bong and is used to inhale marijuana-derived compounds such as oils, extracts, and concentrates.

Buying your first dab rig is an exciting experience, but you want to make sure you are making the right investment. Therefore, it is helpful to do some research in advance. Your preferences depend on the material, your style of use, and the price range you are comfortable with.

First, it is a good idea to introduce yourself to dab rigs. This guide covers the main points:

What kind of dab rigs are there?

Are smaller dab rigs better?

How long should the dub rig last?

How to choose the best dub rig?

Let’s go right in.


Five types of dub rigs to choose from

There are countless dub rigs on the market, but different types have their pros and cons. The most common types you will find in any glass shop are the most important ones. These include glass rigs, mini rigs, silicone rigs, recycling rigs and e-rigs.

Type No. 1: glass

Glass dub rigs are among the most popular types of rigs you can buy. In any store you find, you are likely to see dozens of glass matrixes of all shapes and sizes.

There is a good reason: Glass decks are made of borosilicate glass, which is designed to be strong, durable and heat resistant. This makes them perfect for beginners of any kind.

This versatile and reliable rig is the perfect combination of quality and value, but offers a wide range of temperatures. Having the ability to control the temperature of your rig is especially helpful because if the nail is too hot, the steam won’t taste.

Getting the right temperature when using flashlights can be difficult, so this aspect may be of interest to many users. Glass platforms taste great, especially if you’re using a mini glass platform.

The downside: Glass platforms require frequent and powerful cleaning, depending on how often you plan to use them.

Type No. 2: Mini

Mini dub rigs can be made of any material, but the most common are glass mini dub rigs. They are basically smaller versions of standard rigs less than 7 inches long. Mini-rigs may be small, but they pack a punch with every shot and have a complex aesthetic.

Titan Mini Dub rig

So, are smaller dab rigs better? This is subjective, but mini-rigs usually have good shots. This small piece has less air, which means more flavor and plenty of percolation. They are perfect for smokers who prefer something simple, or perhaps for those who don’t smoke very often.

Disadvantage: Mini-rigs also require frequent and intense cleaning. However, their compact size makes cleaning with brushes and pipe cleaners more difficult.

Type No. 3: Silicone

Silicone dub rigs are practical, inexpensive, and work well with a variety of glass and quartz tools.

Silicone rigs are durable and tolerable. The great thing about these implants is that they can be easily disassembled or put in a dishwasher.

The downside: With each smoking period you are guaranteed to lose some flavor. If convenience and price are essential, it is worth investing in some flavor with a silicone rig.

Type No. 4: Recycling

Recycling platforms are unique because of their internal glassware design, which provides a completely flexible way to take each time. Recycling plants are called because they are “recycled” by the percolator several times before it reaches you. This makes for a smooth, fresh and effective hit every time.

Cloud Recycler Mini Dub Rig

Recycled installations are usually made of glass and always offer a truly unique and fresh interior aesthetic. Many users prefer the way the smoke passes through the pipes several times before finally passing through the mouthpiece. Beyond that, recycling facilities are unique and durable, and these sturdy pieces always guarantee quality results.

The downside: Because of their complex mechanism, recycling plants are usually more expensive than miniature plants. Also, by reusing the smoke multiple times, you may lose some flavor, which is not suitable for anyone who likes to discover new flavors.

Type the number. Fifth line

Electronic voiceovers, such as e-rigs, are portable battery-operated rigs that provide excellent temperature control. These implants can be quickly disassembled for cleaning or packaging, making them one of the most affordable parts on the market today.

Thanks to their electronic capabilities, e-rigs are ideal for those who want more taste than dub pens with quick and easy heat and maximum temperature control.

Disadvantage: Cleaning e-rigs is a challenge and you will need to replace the batteries frequently.


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How do you choose the best dub rig?

Now that you know the types of dub rigs you can choose from, how do you know where to go next?

For many, choosing a dab rig is like adding to a proud collection. Therefore, choosing the right dab rig is an important decision as it depends on your smoking habits, best preference, style and beauty.

Tip number. 1: Choose a rig that suits your lifestyle

First things first: Ask yourself how often you use a dab rig.

Are you a regular user? Or is it used occasionally?

Depending on your answer, you may want to choose a rig that suits your lifestyle. In other words, do not choose a large custom rig if you do not use it every day. These types of pieces are expensive and take a long time to make, so you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. If you do not intend to use your rig frequently, the mini-rig is a good place to start.

Conversely, if you smoke regularly, think about what benefits are important to you. Taste, softness and practicality are key factors, meaning you can choose from glass, silicone or e-rig to suit your needs.

Tip number. 2: Bigger is not always better

Size is an important factor when buying your rig. So how high should the dab rig be?

Standard implants: 10 to 12 inches

Consumer tanks: Different heights than standard platforms

Sometimes bigger is not always better. Mini dub rigs are small and handy, which means they are easy to store. In addition, the mini-rigs have a good target effect and provide a high quality smoke experience each time.


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Tip number. 3: Show your style

The great thing about dub rigs is that aesthetics are an important factor in any model. As you enter the smokehouse, you will find an abundance of different sizes, shapes, colors, and intricate designs of glassware. But if you stick to your choice of movies that suit your lifestyle and major needs, you can easily make decisions that reflect your personal style.

Some dub rigs are more accessible than others. For example, glass platforms can be combined to provide tons of accessories, but silicon kits are less common. However, silicone pieces come in a variety of colors and textures, which gives you a lot of personalities.

Recycling facilities are also popular as smoke appears through the interior glass. For many, that experience is worth the extra cost in terms of vision and function.


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