5 Tips for a Happy First Day at School


Nursery Schools in Abu Dhabi are growing popular among eager parents. They look forward to sending their kids on their first day at school. 


The first day at international school is among the most important days. It sets a precedence for the entire year. Follow the tips to make the day interesting for kids.  


Tip #1: Invite them with Crayons


Crayons are kids’ favorite. They look like childhood, and they even smell like childhood. We all know how much kids love to spend time with their crayons. The start of their first day at school should be with something they are familiar with, so they do not feel out of place. Hence, experts suggest that crayons should be the first activity to be introduced when kids set foot in school on their first day.


Starting the day with coloring and drawing activities with crayons sets precedent for the day as full with happy and favorite activities. It makes them comfortable and helps them view school as a friendly place. 


The challenge teachers often face on the first day of school is to keep kids involved and busy. By choosing this activity, not only are we keeping the kids involved, but we are also making it enjoyable for them.  


Tip #2: Teach the basics


Being at school means following certain rules. Even nursery schools in Abu Dhabi have rules that need to be followed. These rules help maintain discipline and prevent chaos from breaking loose. The habit of following these rules should be instilled in the kids on their first days itself. 


Teachers often use fun activities to teach kids about school behavior. One of the common practices is to use pasted numbers on the floor and assigning each kid a number. This helps in practicing how to line up calmly. Other activities that kids should be taught on the first day of their school are: pushing in their chairs, standing with their hands to our side, and walking quietly in the hall.


Tip #3: Hook Them Up

Students should fall in love with the idea of school. They should look forward to going to school every day. This can only happen if they find learning and activities at school interesting. 


Teachers should make the learning fun and interesting for kids. They should be hooked on to your stories, your fun games, your movies, and everything that you do to draw their attention.  


Tip #4: Reach Their Heart


The best way teachers can reach out to their students is by making emotional connections with them. Kids should view you as, not just an acquaintance but as a friendly face. 


Basic exercises like personal one on one communication develop a bond between teachers and students. Teachers should allot a separate time for interacting with thor students without any distractions.


Tip #5: Wrap Up with Content


The best way to assess processes’ efficacy is through feedback. It is also the case on the first day at school. Teachers should give kids class assignments on how they feel. They should let the kids complete it on their own. Not only will it make you see the creative side of kids but at the same time will serve as feedback to your day. 


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