How To Apply For 887 Visa To Work In The Regional Areas Of Australia

Are you planning to live and work in Australia permanently? Indeed, it’s a good decision to take. But to materialize your dream, you need a Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 to work in regional areas of Australia. Below mentioned are some important facts about visa subclass 887 which you should consider while applying for it.

What does Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 allow to do?

If you have lived for 2 years and worked full time in a specified regional area for 12 months with a substantial visa like visa subclass 489, you will get the right to apply for permanent residency in Australia with this 887 visa.

Basic features of subclass 887 visa

The 887 visa requirement processing time is not the same for all the categories of applicants. For 75% of the applicants, the 887 visa processing time taken is 10 months. Whereas, for 90% of the applicants, this time exceeds 15 months.
The cost of the application is several hundred Australian dollars. Several additional charges may be required.

Which documents Do You Need To Submit?

Following are the documents that will be required to submit to the Department of Home Affairs when you will be applying for an 887 visa:

  1. Identity documents: You need to show all your identity documents like your passport and other identity documents which are issued in your home country.
  2. Pertinent character documents: You need to produce character certificates issued by higher authorities like high school or university. You also have to show any evidence of criminal records.
  3. Pertinent relationship documents: You need to show relationship documents in case you bring family members to live with you.
  4. English language documents: You need to show documents that will prove your proficiency in functional English. Internationally recognized English language test scores are accepted for the application.
  5. Residence and work documents: These documents will prove that you had lived and worked for a substantial amount of time in Australia.
  6. Documents of partner: If you bring your partner to live with you, you need to produce his/her relevant documents as well.
  7. Documents of child: You need to produce valid documents of your child. According to the age limit which is 18 years, there are two categories of the child which determine the cost. Besides all these, you must translate your documents into English if those are in a foreign language.

What Are The Fundamental Eligibility Requirements?

There are some basic eligibility 887 visa requirements that you must have to get a subclass 887 visa.
1. You must have health and character details which will be required during application.
2. Before your application, you must have worked in a specified regional area in the Australian nation for at least one year.
3. Besides working for one year, you should also live for at least two years in that specified region.
4. You should have held another visa such as visa subclass 489 for at least two years before your application for the current visa.
5. Your previous visa should not expire before the application.
6. And last but not least, you should reside inside Australia at the time of your application.

What Are Some Of The Additional Eligibility Requirements?

Well, the list of eligibility requirements is not completed yet. In addition to the above-mentioned basic eligibility requirements, you need to have some other eligibility requirements as well.

  1. Debt requirement: You need not have any debt unpaid. You should have repaid all the debts or should have arranged to clear those debts before the time of application.
  2. No visa refusal: This is a very important point to note. If you have any visa cancellation or refusal record previously in Australia, then you will not be able to apply for Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887.
  3. Character requirement: You must have met all the pertinent character requirements. You should not miss even a single one.
  4. Health requirement: You must have met all the pertinent health requirements at the same time.
  5. Work and stay requirement: You should have lived and worked in a specified regional area or an area with a low growth population in Australia.
    Visa requirement for permanent residency: To get permanent residency, you should previously hold certain visas like visa subclass 475, 487, 489, 495, 496, etc. Alternatively, bridging visa A or bridging visa B can be enough after the application of subclass 487, 489, or 495.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Visa Subclass 887?

After your visa subclass 887 gets approved by the government, thus giving you full right to reside in Australia permanently, you can be benefitted in a variety of ways.

  1. You can sponsor your relatives and near ones for several Australian permanent and temporary visas.
  2. You are granted permanent residency, right? So, why will you not look for Australian citizenship? This visa will allow you to opt for that but see carefully whether you will be eligible or not.
  3. Medicare is the most popular health scheme granted to Australians. If you get this visa, you can easily apply for Medicare.
  4. Are you a travel freak? Then you must love to taste the diversity of Australia. Once your visa gets approved, you will be allowed to travel to different corners of Australia, that too continuously for five years.
  5. You can study and work simultaneously in Australia with no restrictions imposed on you.
  6. You can also live there for an indefinite period of time.
  7. You have a family and all of your family members and their details are included in the application, right? Well done. Just like you, they can enjoy all the privileges under this visa.

Australia is not only a great place to study and work, but also one of the most peaceful countries to live in. So, if you want to live there permanently, that will be a brilliant decision. For your visa queries, you may search for options on the internet. Immigration Agents Perth can be handy in this, by connecting you with the best visa migration agent Perth who can guide and inform you about all the necessary requirements.

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