Astonishing Facts We Bet You Never Knew About Lilies

Snowy white, glowing, enthusiastic, and full of life – these are the perfect adjectives that we have for the lilies. Since the inception of the word ‘flowers,’ lilies have been on the top of the list when it comes to choosing one for gifting or decorative purposes. From decorating them at the entrance of your house to adding a bunch or two in the vase on your coffee table, they are used everywhere. These days many people are choosing to opt for flower delivery in Delhi to celebrate happiness with their loved ones. And often, the most chosen flower has to be a bunch of lilies.

Even though this flower has a long-lasting existence, still many of you might still not know much about it. Today, we are planning to discuss a few facts about it. We have got you certain facts about lilies, which we are certain that you never had an idea of. Here we go with our list.

  • Lilies has Huge Family of 108

For all those who are new to the world of flowers, let us tell you that even these tiny little elements of nature have families. In the case of a lily plant, it comes from a family of a total of 108. It means that there are 108 more plants or, say, flowers that belong to the same species.

Isn’t that a really huge number?

  • Lilies Symbolizes Innocence

We know that might be a bit too much to expect from a flower, but it is what it is! The story dates back to the era of the Egyptian empire. Lilies seem to have an awe-inspiring and majestic aura which makes them one of the loveliest flowers. Also, their association with Virgin Mary is one reason behind these flowers being used as a symbol of innocence.

  • Long Vase Life

Choosing to present lilies to your dear ones as flower online delivery in Bangalore certainly is a great idea and all thanks to their extremely long vase life. Yes, these flowers are the perfect ones as their life expectancy increases once you remove their pollen. This way, the receiver can deck these up in their offices or home to create a seamless atmosphere.

  • 30th Anniversary Flower

Lily is known to be the 30th-anniversary flower, which means it is the perfect one to give to your partner or a couple on their special day. It is all because this flower is a proper depiction of devotion and compassion.

  • Used as Perfumes

Even today, many luxurious perfume brands use lily as an ingredient in their products. The trendsetter Egyptians began using the lily extract in their scented creams, oils, and beauty product. From those times to today, it has now become a common practice among people.

  • Favorite Victorian Flower

Lilies were often commonly worn in the hair or pinned on to hair along with evening gowns during the Victorian period, according to a Victorian Flower Dictionary. The young girls would also pose with these flowers for clicking portraits. Wouldn’t these flowers have trended on social media if those times were like that of now?

  • Lilies Comes from a Family of Imposters

Imposters are the most disappointing and annoying things ever. Never had I imagined that a flower like lily could also be an imposter! There are ample numbers of lilies that usually try to be something else when they are not that. However, this is certainly not applicable to the entire breed of lilies.

  • Lilies of the Valley

According to mythology, the Greek God Aesculapius, the great healer, received the Lily of the Valley from Apollo. There are varieties of lilies which are amazing for their health-promoting properties. Apart from this, certain species produce compounds for medical uses. Depression, heart disease, angina, and anxiety are all treated with these medications. They are also used to cure a host of other diseases in many regions of the world, commonly in oils or balms. In terms of beauty, lily extracts can brighten the skin and minimize scars.

Now that you know about these many surprising facts about lilies, we hope that you might feel more connected to them. We will keep coming back to you with more such fun and amazing details about more flowers. Till then, if there is anything new that you have for us, comment below!

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