Criteria for Google News Publishers – All You Need to Set

Publishing basically means to produce something for public. The term is used earlier in the tasks related to literature but later on music, videos, software, video games, blogs, websites and many other fields had been included in publishing. This has been in practice since man started writing and became practicable after printing came into the field. With the help of writing and printing, the industry of books had grown drastically. Chinese started publishing in 16th century. Publication of newspaper started in early 17th century in Germany. Later in 20th century, world wide web and Google News Publishers was made and became a leading publisher.

Publishing process basically consists of four steps; creation, editing, production and printing. These are the basic steps that are common in printing electronic and print media. When talking about publishing electronic media, Google has the leading role here. With almost more than three billion searches every day, it is the most visited site from world wide web. Obviously, Google is publishing news from everywhere and has made some policies for Google news publishers. We will discuss about those polices and the restrictions as well.

When you publish something using Google, you have to obey all of those policies and restrictions to remain active. Otherwise, in case of any violation, Google will block the ad or maybe in case of serious violation, it can suspend your account as well. Google wants to appreciate and promote Google news publishers who are used to provide quality information and pure work. Google has also announced “Google webmaster guideline” which is a general platform of rules for all types of people using Google services. We will discuss the policies related to Google news publishers only.


The length of sponsored material on the page of Google news publisher should not exceed the main content. This purpose of ads is secondary without a fruitful main content of the page. Google would not allow it to get sponsored by third party.


This is the most sensitive rule for Google news publishers because Google keeps a hawk’s eye on basic rights of the first publisher. Google has also posted copyright policies separately and one must follow them.

Harmful Material:

You cannot publish any material that can cause harm to people or animals. You cannot share content regarding criminal activities. Any incident that occurs because of the harmful content will make publisher a criminal. Google news publishers cannot publish any blackmailing content. Pressurizing someone is considered as crime and Google would not allow it to publish.

Private Information:

Google news publishers cannot share personal information that can identify any person or asset belonging to him. Specially sharing financial information can cause robbery or some theft. Google would not take any responsibility of the publisher, in case, if some accident happens because of his/her content.

Malicious Content:

Google news publishers cannot share any data which is malicious or any links that can cause some virus on any system. Any material that can manipulate rankings of sites would not be allowed.


The readers want to know about the content that they read. They see and observe who is the writer and they want to trust and understand about who is the publisher of the content that is under their reading or consumption. So, the dates should be very clear when there are new sources on Google and it must provide proper information about the author of the articles.

Furthermore, it should also give information about the publisher and the company or a network that is behind the articles. In the same manner, it also demands the contact information. The factor of transparency is really important when something is to be published on Google as the readers or the audience wants to know the worth of the content. Proper details also mention this thing that content is worth reading and has not been written by an ambiguous source.

Exploited Media:

According to a dissertation help firm, Google does not allow such images, audio or video content that has already been manipulated to mislead or deceive by different ways of creation of a representation of certain events or actions. These are such events or actions that actually didn’t take place and can mislead the understanding of a reasonable person. It also includes the protection from any certain harm to a group or individuals, or it can be harmful for civic processes as well as it can undermine the trust or participation.

Content Having Hateful Aspects:

Google News Publishers do not encourage hateful content that promotes violence or if it has the purpose to spread hatred against any specific group or for an individual. It also includes such content that is against an ethnic group or that hits the people of specific origin, religion, gender, age, identity, occupation, veteran status, physical or mental disability or any other characteristic that is related to the marginalization or discrimination in the society. Google news publishers discourage all such elements that can become the source of hatred through any type of content.

Content Having Aspects Of Harassment:

It is against the policies of Google News Publishers to allow harassment. Furthermore, they do not allow any content having the aspects of bullying, malicious abuse, threat, or any serious harm. It does not permit to publish such content that can harass a person in an unwanted way or that can expose the private information of a person which can be used to belittle victims of any tragedy or violence. Any such material will be stopped that can threat the dignity or the personal information of someone because if it happens, it can lead to serious issues.

Vulgar Language and Blasphemies:

Google news publishers don’t allow any content that has a vulgar language. It also discourages the use of blasphemous and obscene language because it cannot promote any content that hits a certain religious or any other sensitive factor. The usage of vulgar language is also prohibited because there are readers from all ages and ethnic backgrounds, and it is against moral values to publish such content.

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