Desert Safari Dubai – Explore Arabian Night With Pure Entertainment

Do you want to make your vacation in Dubai an epic one? Schedule a day out in the conservation reserve of the UAE and you’d revel in. Desert safari Dubai is the ultimate package of thrill, entertainment, and wonders. This is possible due to its myriad opportunities for sightseeing and entertainment. Spending a day in this golden mark on earth is amazing whereas the night has its own charms. 


One starts his epic journey to a desert safari with a pick-up in a 4×4 or a bus service all the way to this aesthetic symmetry. Want to know what sort of entertainment and excursions you’ll get to encounter here? Give it a read and plan your trip to witness a magical night amidst the dunes of Dubai.

An Entertainment Filled Night at Desert Safari Dubai

1. Wandering at Night on the Camel’s Back


Observe a nomad’s life from a closer perspective by riding a camel. Camels are the ancient mode of transport of Arabs and are utilized by them to date. A night wandering through the dunes on the camel’s back is an amazing experience for people wanting to explore the desert. You can cover miles easily by riding a camel rather than on your feet. Navigate the ship of the desert to the farthest vicinities of the Arabian dunes and return getting inspired.


2. Enthralling Sand Activities in SUVs


Hit the high red dunes of Arabia with a blast! You’ll see a huge number of SUVs rushing here and there on the terrain. The adventures of desert safari are closely related to these terrain sports. Dune bashing is an enthralling sand activity in which a 4WD dune bashing vehicle takes you across the high dunes. 


It’s like a bumpy roller coaster ride which you’d never want to miss. Enjoy riding an Atv bike after taking a set of instructions from the expert and drift in speed. Sandboarding is another sand activity filled with fun and laughter. Grab a sandboard and surf the highs and lows of the terrain. 


3. A Surreal Adventure at the Campsites


Spend a dreamy night at the campsite to cherish it for life long. The campsites reflect the wonderful Arabian tradition. Whether you choose a night stay in a private Bedouin camp or pitch your own, you’ll soak up yourself in serenity in both cases. Camping with friends is an extremely delightful adventure as you pitch the camp of your own. Grab your sleeping bag and get ready to spend a sleepless night on the bed of Arabian sand.

4. Catch the Comets by Your Gaze


Catch the magical oomph of galaxies showing up on the dark sky. The spellbound milky ways are so alluring at half-past night. You can’t resist locking your gaze to those infinite galaxies. The exquisite views of the majestic Arabian dunes under the sky full of stars are just euphoric. It’s a great opportunity to spend a sleepless night talking to your people. Tell your life stories along with the sight of shooting stars. Stars that show up in the barren of Dubai keep the magic blessing spiritual awakening to your soul.

5. Wake up to the Sorcery of Sunrise


Witnessing the rising sun from your campsite is an exceptional beauty you would ever encounter in your entire life. Travel enthusiasts and nature admirers praise desert safari mainly because of its scenic views in the sun. The fluorescence from dark to light tones of indigo is really mesmerizing. Watch the flight of birds with the first falling rays of sunlight on the dunes. Take some lovely shots by posing under the newly raised sun and celebrate a new day in the high sand dunes of Arabia. 

6. A Dinner in the Middle of Nowhere


The nightlife at the terrain of Dubai is defined by the delicious dinner. The BBQ and buffet is set for the guests of desert safari to get delighted at a level best. There is free and unlimited access to refreshments such as Arabain tea & coffee, soft drinks, dates, and snacks. The international and Arabian appetizers seem so tempting after the long tiring sand activities. Enjoy the heavenly feast offered at this land of nomads and have a taste to remember

7. The Exotic Regalian Stage 


Unwind the exciting ways to ultimate joy and pleasure by becoming a part of the live events at desert safari. The nights at desert safari are made colorful by setting the stage of entertainment in the middle of Arabian dunes. The exciting live shows set the whole barren in a high-spirited festivity.


Live depiction of various forms of dance and art just breathtakingly beautiful. These include the spiritual Tanura dance of Arabs, Zumba, stick dance, and fire dance of fierce stuntmen. The belly dance portrayed with super flexible belly moves. These highly energetic dance forms are a part of the hospitality ritual of the hosts of desert safari. This entertaining event makes a night in this nomadic place a lot more alluring.

8. Capture the Epic Moments 


Desert safari is an exquisite landscape of great opportunities to polish your photography skills. The scenic views of sunrise, running vehicles, golden dunes, and colorful campsites trigger the photographer in you. Click the colors of the barren of Dubai from your very own perspective. Take silhouettes of the wandering camels, record a time-lapse of the magical sunrise, or click the blazing fire under the starry blue sky. This place keeps hundreds of chances for you to collect some photographic souvenirs 



The overnight camping at the desert safari is an ethereal experience of serenity, thrill, and entertainment. It not only offers myriad sightseeing but also narrates entertainment-filled stories of the Arabian tradition.


 A standard overnight expedition to the dunes is of as sort as nine hours but can extend to 12 hours. This depends upon your handpick deal from the itinerary. Come and soak up in the vibrant colors of desert safari and listen to its melodious wind whirling at night. But don’t forget to keep some warm apparels as the breezes become freezing cold at night.

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