What is the difference between Traditional and Digital marketing

Are you trying to find marketing agencies in Lahore and confused about which firm to choose from digital and standard? You will find two main kinds of companies: the very first one will be offering digital marketing services in Lahore and the 2nd one will be supplying traditional marketing services, which follow the standard approaches of marketing.


There are few things that you need to understand to distinguish between both markets. Before continuing further let’s answer the two typical concerns.


Differences: traditional marketing vs. digital marketing:

The main distinction between both kinds of marketing is the medium through which the message is delivered to the audience.


Standard marketing will always utilize mediums such as newspapers, publications, billboards, TV commercials, etc. Meanwhile, digital marketing will use digital platforms, such as websites and social networks.


Usage of traditional marketing

That does not indicate that standard marketing services in Lahore is the old approach and is no longer in use, some businesses do prefer to promote through magazines and commercials.


For instance, numerous TV commercials are stuck in our minds, stored in our subconscious.


Usage of digital marketing:

But that does not mean that digital marketing services in Lahore are not that important, it is as important as conventional approaches.


It remains in every single person’s regular to use the internet, and when we time spend on the internet, we counter many quantities of advertisements that get stored in our subconscious


Which service fits you best?

Both are very important and considerable; you may need a balance of both to dominate your market. For instance, McDonald’s still utilizes the commercials to reach out to their audiences and all of us are “Loving’ it”.

At the same time, McDonald’s uses social media platforms to market their newly presented deals.

So, a mix of both can prove to be effective instead of utilizing a single kind of marketing.


Pros and cons of Digital Marketing

No matter how much effective standard marketing is, we are living in the era of the internet. The majority of the population invests the majority of their time on social networks (internet).

It suggests that most of the audience has currently shifted to the digital world automatically, and this opportunity is unworthy missing.



  1. You know facts and figures

Yes, it is everything about truths and figures. Unlike conventional marketing, you have truths and figures for your marketing campaigns and you can constantly keep them in view before opting for your next step.


  1. Transparency

The second advantage is that you are constantly aware and connected to your audience through social networks.

The engagement of your brand can be seen clearly.



Well, everything on the planet has benefits and drawbacks. So does this, digital marketing is not as good as it looks.

There are absolutely some challenges that you have to handle when handling digital marketing in Lahore.


  1. Changes every second

The world of digital marketing is continuously developing and to keep up with it is not as simple as it appears.


  1. No consistency:

It’s on pointers of the user if they chose to block your ad. They have the power and your advertisement will be gone in a matter of seconds.

digital marketing services in Lahore

Pros and cons of traditional marketing:

Worldwide digital marketing, traditional marketing still holds its place, which means that there is something about it that does not let it end that quickly.


  1. Entertaining

Whether it is an industrial aired on TELEVISION, Radio, or signboard it is fun to enjoy. It can get the attention of the audience as part of the home entertainment.


  1. Stores in the subconscious

We cannot reject the truth that everybody has some specific memories of youth tv commercials.

These repetitive commercials are very reliable in terms of the audience to bear in mind the name of the product.



  1. More expensive:

It takes a great deal of effort to develop a single commercial, therefore much effort cannot come from low cost. Traditional marketing is frequently costly.


  1. No measures:

Even if you invest excessive of your money for the production of commercials, you will not get the precise facts and figures regarding the general public engagement with your advertisements.

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