How To Buy John Deere Golf Course Equipment For Less

Do you know the average cost of a standard golf course mower can be over $10,000? It increases more when you want modern, technologically advanced John Deere golf course equipment for sale. The buying process becomes a hefty deal when you need plenty of tools and equipment to maintain your course. The great news is that you can get equipment at a price as low as $4,000. 

Maintaining a golf course is a tedious job. You require a wide array of equipment to prepare it for the next game. However, owning a fleet of branded mowers and machines can be very expensive. 

You may think that owning unbranded products can be an ideal alternative solution for your budget problem. Although the approach helps you save money during the buying process, it can turn into a bad decision in the long run. 

Unbranded products may be more cost-effective than branded John Deere golf course mowers, but they do not come with a warranty. In addition, their maintenance cost can also be higher. Adding to the problem, you may not find their parts.  

So, the safest solution is to invest in branded golf course products. If the high cost of John Deere golf mowers and equipment worries you, here are some helpful tips to purchase them at a cost-effective price:

  • Pre-Owned Equipment

If new golf course maintenance equipment and tools are expensive, how about getting pre-owned products? They come with the same features as new ones but with a low price tag. For example, you can buy a used John Deere 220E for just $1,900.

While buying pre-owned equipment, ensure that you buy from a reputable dealer. Contacting the owner directly is associated with trust issues. You don’t know whether or not the machine will work effectively for a long time. 

On the other hand, a trusted dealer of pre-owned John Deere golf course equipment for sale inspects and refurbishes the products before putting them on sale. 

  • Compare Prices 

John Deere has partnered with golf course equipment dealers around the world. Although there are fixed prices for the brand’s machines, a dealer can offer you a special discount when you buy several tools and equipment.

When on a mission to buy golf course maintenance supplies, reach more than one dealer and inspect different products to compare their prices. 

  • Choose from Multiple Products

This is highly recommended when you want to buy pre-owned equipment. At a great dealer, you get multiple options for one machine with different price tags. The differences may be the model number, usage, and the product’s current condition.

Before making an investment, explore multiple options and compare their technologies. Buy only those products that meet your needs. For example, if Triplex Mowers are too technical for your requirements, do not get these expensive machines. 


Investing in pre-owned John Deere golf course equipment for sale can help you save money for other maintenance purposes. Invest in quality machines, and get them from a trusted dealer to reap their benefits in the long run. 

All the best!  

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