How To Choose The Right Hot Tub For You?

Although tastes and styles can vary in terms of home, having a spacious and well-equipped bathtub is something that everyone likes to enjoy. The hot tubs give you a perfect space for relaxation and well-being to counteract your daily routine’s stress. In addition, they give a cool and sophisticated touch to the bathroom decor.


Apart from their aesthetic, bathtubs provide numerous benefits to our health. They offer hydrotherapy – a combination of warm water with the jets’ pressure creating a massage. It helps to relax the body, reduce anxiety and stress, activate circulation, and reduce muscle aches or pains. 


As we can see, the benefits of hydromassage bathtubs are many. That is why more and more people are acquiring one to take advantage of its recognized benefits. At present, there is a great variety of them in the market with different aspects, designs, functions, and characteristics. This sometimes makes the selection of the ideal bath a bit complicated.


For this reason, we present below the key elements that you will have to take into account when choosing a hot tub:

What is the difference between a jacuzzi and bathtub?

A bathtub is a large container of water designed to accommodate a person that wishes to bathe. Several styles and types also exist and can be made from different materials.

One of these types is a hot tub. Hot tubs are used to contain and heat water for soaking, relaxation, hydrotherapy, and massage. Different styles exist as well, like wooden tubs and one-piece tubs.


Evaluate The Size

Before going to a store offering hot tubs for sale, consider the space available in our bathroom. From there, we can have a clearer idea of ​​the size and shape of the hot tub that suits us best. There are bathtubs for one, two, or more people. You can choose as per your requirement, space, and budget. 

Choose The Shape That Best Suits Your Bathroom Space

As said above, it is easier to choose the ideal bathtub knowing the available space and its distribution. When searching best hot tubs in the UK, you will find these different shapes:

Circular Bath:

It is a classic style but very striking and elegant. It is also convenient and functional, as it will allow you to take advantage of the corner spaces to place other furniture or objects, so they look great in both large and small bathrooms. They can also be oval in shape.

Rectangular Bathtub:

It is the most common. The rectangular shape is the one that adapts easily to any bathroom space, especially the elongated ones. It has the ease of being attached to any wall when the bathroom is not very large, although it can also be located in the center.

Asymmetric Bath:

These bathtubs have an irregular shape, which allows them to adapt to the most peculiar and varied spaces, such as angular or semicircular ones. They can be easily adjusted in the middle of the bathroom or to fit into the floor.

Whichever way you choose, the important thing is that it should be by how big or small your bathroom is. Plus, whether it is in harmony with the distribution of the other elements within the available area.

Look For The Best Accessories 

The hot tubs usually include different functions and complementary accessories for a more relaxing and positive bathing experience. To finish deciding between one model and another, you can evaluate which ones satisfy the things you are looking for.


Some of the most useful and enjoyable accessories are:


Level Sensor: It consists of a mechanism that automatically detects when the water has reached the ideal level to start the hydromassage. From super expensive to cheap hot tubs in the UK, almost all have this one common accessory. 


Massage Programming: This function gives you the possibility to choose the massage that interests you most at the moment. You can select and customize the pressure points, the sequence, and the time that it will last.


Regulator: Some bathtubs have adjustable jets, which allow you to adjust the intensity of the hydromassage in each area.


Headrest: It is a compliment that undoubtedly provides greater comfort when bathing. Depending on the bathtub, you can choose from different sizes, shapes, and materials.

As you can see, hot tubs are a significant investment today, as they help improve our health and quality of life. To learn more, you can see the models on the hot tub master website. Stay tuned for more such posts.

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