How to roll a blunt : Complete Guide



With the legalization of marijuana becoming increasingly widespread, many people have become interested in buying and smoking joints or blunts as part of their own recreational activities. If you are new to rolling marijuana joints or blunts, however, you may be unsure about where to begin. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to roll your own joints or blunts – here’s how!


What you’ll need to make roll a blunt

rolling papers (if you want an extra special one), weed, a cigarillo or cigar (only if you want it), and of course, some tobacco leaves. First, take your rolling papers and spread them flat. The wider they are, the easier it will be. Once that’s done grab whatever strain of bud you’re using and make yourself two little pinches, one on each side of your finger.


Make a marijuana grinder

How to roll a blunt

There are tons of ways you can make a marijuana grinder, but many people prefer using an empty cigar tube. (Bonus points if it’s flavored!) You can buy these at your local tobacco shop for about $1. Don’t have access to one? No problem! Just unscrew your Bic and use that. Make sure not to get rid of it! You still need it for later…

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Select your wrap

How to roll a blunt

As mentioned above, one of the key differences between joint and blunts is that joints are wrapped in the conventional rolling paper while blunts are wrapped in tobacco leaf paper. Depending on your taste, you may want to select your wrap based on flavor preference or aroma.


Break down the wrap

The first step in rolling a joint is making sure you have all of your materials ready. You’ll need marijuana, rolling papers, and a rolling device. A good way to start is by taking apart one of your joints. If you don’t have any experience in that department, don’t worry—the wrap for blunts isn’t as delicate as it might look. Take off the ends and pull out some weed.


Moisten the wrap

The first step in rolling your own blunt is to moisten one end of a cigar wrap. If you have purchased cigar wraps pre-moistened, skip stepping 2. To begin, take one end of your cigar wrap and get it wet with some saliva.


Wrap the cannabis in a wrap.

Because a blunt is wrapped in tobacco leaf paper rather than rolling paper, it is typically going to be somewhat difficult to roll. However, if you want your blunt to smoke evenly and burn slowly—and you want it to look nice as well—you will have to work at making it so. The key is wrapping your cannabis evenly and tightly with wrap.


Roll up your blunt

If you’re rolling your own, it’s important to use high-quality papers, as poor-quality rolling papers burn unevenly. These steps will show you how to roll an excellent, even joint. If you don’t have any rolling papers on hand or just prefer using blunts instead of joints, we can help with that too.


Your blunt should be sealed.

How to roll a blunt sealed

A joint’s wrapper should be taut, not loose and sloppy. This will help keep ash and debris out of your mouth while you smoke, helping you maintain that clean-and-healthy status and avoid what can only be described as cigarette breath. The best way to achieve tautness is to close one end of your joint with your finger and then wet it with saliva before rolling it shut.


Light up your blunt and enjoy

How to roll a blunt and enjoy

A step-by-step guide to rolling your first blunt. This guide assumes you already have access to cannabis, but doesn’t cover wear or how to obtain it. If you don’t have cannabis yet, check out Cannabis Quickstart Guide. If you want more information on how marijuana works and how it can help treat various conditions, see our Introduction To Marijuana For Non-Users. Also, remember that laws vary by country and state: marijuana may be illegal in your area!


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