Jaisalmer Desert Festival: An Extensive Guide

All the cities of Rajasthan are beautiful and look mesmerizing during the festive seasons. However, the Jaisalmer Desert festival is a famous and beautiful festival of Rajasthan. Many tourists from corners of India and across the globe come to see the unique culture and traditions of the Jaisalmer festival. The deserts of Jaisalmer are full of shops and stalls. Everybody enjoys the great fair of Jaisalmer in the month of February. And for this reason, Jaisalmer Maru Mahotsav is the best opportunity to book Rajasthan tour packages.

Moreover, it is a three-day-long Fair that gives much happiness and enjoyable moments to each person. The uniqueness of this festival is folk dance and song. People with traditional wear sing and dance traditional Rajasthani songs to make the event more precious. Additionally, the local foods and sweets of Jaisalmer provide unforgettable memories.

The many camels gather in the desert with unique dressings. At the Jaisalmer desert festival, you can also enjoy different camel competitions. Besides this, you can also participate in many adventure games during the festival.

Moreover, to know the popularity of the Jaisalmer festival, check out the rest of the article.

Specialty of Jaisalmer Desert Festival

The Jaisalmer desert festival celebration takes place from 14th February to 16th February this year. This popular and cultural event is full of joy and enjoyment. Everybody enjoys the camel race, deserts, shops, foods, and the magic shows of this fair. Besides this, you can also enjoy the sweet music and delicate folk dance of Rajasthan at this festival.

Also, you can learn some specialties of Maru Mahotsav Jaisalmer below.

Desert Safari

Jaisalmer Desert Safari

During the Jaisalmer Rann Utsav, you can enjoy the desert safari. Many people love to travel the Thar Desert on the back of camels. The exciting and beautiful sights of the deserts give you a chance to collect many memories. However, camel riding is super exciting and enjoyable during the Jaisalmer festival.

Another exciting thing is desert camp. However, you can also stay in small and beautiful camps at night. The soft breeze of the desert makes your heart warm. You will have the most peaceful time in your life. However, you can also enjoy the dune bashing during your night camp at the Thar Desert. This is one of the super exciting specialties of the Jaisalmer Desert festival.

Unique Culture

Rajasthan unique culture

However, this festival’s unique and unforgettable culture provides peace to every heart. People from corners of Rajasthan show their tradition and culture at the festival. The folk dance and song of Rajasthan make every event more bright and colorful.

Both men and women wear their traditional Rajasthan dresses to show different magical shows on all three festival days. This Fair is spread all over the desert to give unique moments to the visitors. The local artist shows their art at the Fair. Many shops and stalls are full of fantastic hand-work-designed things.

However, the cultural puppet dance of Rajasthan attracts your attention here.

Past Glories

Besides this, you will visit many historic places on your Jaisalmer trip. However, the structure and architecture of each historical site in Jaisalmer provide beautiful sights to capture the memories. The heritage walk of Jaisalmer gives you a pleasant memory.

Each place of Jaisalmer has many histories, which gives you the royal feel during the Jaisalmer festival. Moreover, you can also visit the Jaisalmer fort and Bagore ki haveli to know many past glories.

Besides this, many other places like Jain Temples, Gadisar Lake, Bada Bagh, and Kuldhara Village make your heart peaceful and happy. The complete tour of Jaisalmer makes your trip more exciting and beautiful.

Foods of the City

rajasthani food

However, you get many different Rajasthani food stalls in the Fair at the festival time. With mouth-watering and delicious taste, the foods of the city make your heart melt. The excellent process of making sweet dishes is unique to the Jaisalmer Desert festival. A special event occurs during the Jaisalmer Desert festival.

However, you will get a chance to eat traditional Rajasthan food with hundreds of people. All the people eat together and make a vast dine during the Jaisalmer Desert festival. Moreover, the unique and unforgettable Dal Bati and Churma of Rajasthan gives an authentic flavor that makes your day. Besides this, other foods like Bajre ki Roti, kachori, and Mirchi vada provide you with delicious taste.

Bright Nights

The streets and lanes of Jaisalmer are covered with beautiful lights. The nights of the festival are decorated with colorful lights and lamps. However, the traditional buildings and temples of Jaisalmer are covered with striking colors. The puppet and magical show of the Fair attract the tourist’s attention.

You will shop many beautiful and unique things during the Jaisalmer Desert festival. The religious and cultural events of Jaisalmer do not complete without Deep Daan. Thus the women of Jaisalmer in flame oil lamps in the night during the Jaisalmer Desert festival. All these things give a fantastic beautiful look to the streets and houses of Jaisalmer.

Some Tips for Enjoying This Festival

  • However, you need to book the hotels in advance because you will not get a better room during this festival due to the vast crowd.
  • It would be best if you kept winter wear because the temperature of the desert drops after sunset.
  • Moreover, you can buy lots of things from the local shops and do bargaining during your shopping time.
  • You will get special offers from touts, but protect yourself from them because the Rajasthan Tourism Department manages everything.

How to Join Jaisalmer Desert Festival

However, to be a part of the Jaisalmer Desert festival, you need to reach Jaisalmer in two days. You can select your reach in Jaisalmer by road, train, and air.

By Road

You will come by Rajasthan tourism bus or car to see the Jaisalmer desert festival.

By Train

The railway station of Jaisalmer is very near to the desert. You can reach Jaisalmer by train also.

By Air

However, Jaisalmer has no airports. Thus you will have to reach the Udaipur airport and cover 300 kilometers away by road to visit the festival.


In conclusion, the Jaisalmer Desert festival is unique and outstanding. The desert safari, puppet dance, and traditional Rajasthan food make your journey more beautiful during the festival. Make a plan and visit the Jaisalmer desert festival this year.

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