Landscape Design Ideas For New Homeowners

If you are a new homeowner, you should know that slight changes in your landscape such as accent pillows or carefully-picked molding can provide you the right touch you need to bring in the changes as per your taste and likeliness.

But the same little efforts outside as well can bring the correct adjustment you need with your landscape. Little things do count such as tree lopping Sydney, annual maintenance, or providing the mulch to your garden beds when required.

This all adds up to bring beauty to your landscape and you would feel at home. If you have purchased a property or shifted to a new place and want to touch up your landscape then this article is just for you. Keep on reading to know more!


Things to do with your landscape if you have just moved in at your new house:

Now that you have moved in completely, time to put aside the manual instructions of your electronics of furniture set-up. Head out now and take a fresh air breather and know what sort of changes you need, what is required, and what things can be kept the same in your yard.


Get a brief knowledge of your new home and make a checklist for your landscape:

Got a day or two to spare from your office work? Great! Since you can invest that time in your yard, taking a look at the available plants, what are the seasonal best there, how can you provide the maintenance, and where can implement new ideas at your home for the right changes.


First time inspection of the landscape:

Despite you getting a good look at your landscape while finalizing the property, the chances are you might have to face few shortcomings as well but nothing to be worried about. Things can always be made better and all you need to do is spend some time and have a closer look at all the potential hazards and shortcomings.

While you are taking a look around your landscape, here are the things you should check for-

a) Long tree branches that might be interfering with your roof. In this case, pruning the tree with the help of professionals would be required.

b) Potential signs of pest or disease infecting one or more plants/trees. Here you need to check the symptoms and intensity of the tree and know whether these signs are seasonal or permanent and then deal accordingly.

c) Trees that are too close to be comfortable in your home. This is because, in the coming future, the root spread of these trees can turn out to be problematic for your house.

d) Quick and easy landscaping ideas for your new yard’s touch-up

Regardless of your idea of landscape, whether you want to gain several eyes for its beauty or want to go with the traditional landscape, the thing is you should enjoy the project.


Here are a few tips you can get started with:

  • Clean up your lawn, then bring in flower and tree beds. You’ll be surprised to see how amazing and lively your yard will look once you get rid of dry leaves, twigs, and weeds.
  • You can make a frame at the front door with colorful flowers, hanging baskets, or shrubs.
  • You can make your sweet little garden with the colorful flowers of your choice or the seasonal ones. One more thing you can do is by planting a pollinator garden that will look good.
  • Adding contrast to the landscape will also add to its beauty where you can make a mix match with delicate greenery and stone walkway or adding plants near the walls.
  • A neat look can be obtained by spreading mulch to trees, flower beds, and shrubs.
  • Planting a new tree is never an out fashioned idea and perhaps this will be perfect if you are looking for privacy along with multiple tree benefits it provides.
  • Trees in your yard can provide privacy
  • Trees will provide you the perfect help if you want to add privacy. You can use yews, magnolias, or Leyland cypress that won’t only provide you privacy but keep the environment quiet and fresh with different shades of color.
  • Best time to get started with a landscape project
  • During fall you can add mulch and weed to your garden beds, bring in new trees and enjoy the spring-blooming flowers. Also, get rid of dry leaves and twigs.
  • In winters the trees give up on their leaves hence you can trim them along with the shrubs to provide a perfect shape and good growth.
  • When spring kicks in, the priority should be to fertilize your plants. If your region sees a harsh winter climate then plant annuals the moment the soil is entirely thawed with winter’s freeze.
  • If it is summer, your trees would be demanding water to fight off drought and have good growth.

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