Make Every Day a ‘YOU’ Day with Selfcare

With the hybrid model offered by many companies, the pandemic has drastically altered our usual routines. From staying at home full time, most people now work from home on some days and office on other days. Things are not the same as how they used to be but are you letting that stop you from caring for your skin? We hope not! 

It’s mask season, and the feeling of suffocation, greasiness or even plain uneasiness underneath can tempt you to wash your face (along with your hands) whenever you are mask-free. Using the extra face scrubs, cleansers, and slapping sanitisers on the hand can dry out and harm your skin. 

So, regardless of how you spend your day, laying in bed or being active outdoors, you must make time to care for your skin. A good skincare routine is a key to unlocking youthful and glowing skin. If skincare is a new journey for you or you want to go back to basics, here are daily skincare tips you can easily follow during these to look beautiful and healthy.

Crucial Skin Care Routine During the Pandemic

Even though the Coronavirus threat has gone down, the world has shifted to a new normal where wearing masks in public spaces is mandatory. More people are starting to realise the importance of caring for the skin. Not all masks are friendly towards our skin, particularly if you wear them for extended periods. The accumulated humidity beneath the mask is an invitation for dirt and impurities. And without proper care, it can cause skin irritation, break-outs, and other skin concerns. Don’t worry— there are a few steps you can take to keep your skin safe and healthy, pushing away the potential mayhems far away.

Pampering Skin With Good Cleansing 

Practice is a routine that makes you look and feel good by using products that genuinely care for the skin. You don’t want to overlook the benefits of gentle face wash — use a warm washcloth to thoroughly cleanse, or take extra time to massage your skin with your fingers as you cleanse nicely. Regular face cleansing helps remove any buildup for clearer, healthier skin. It boosts softness, suppleness, hydration and promotes glowing skin by stimulating blood circulation. All of these result in a base with a natural glow. 

Keeping The Skin Moisturised

Moisturisers keep the skin hydrated and protected, preventing mask irritations. You want to keep an eye on moisturisers containing hydrating ingredients to shield the skin against the harshness of the mask. Don’t forget to choose the moisturisers that best suit your skin type — if you have oily skin, go for a cream-gel moisturiser to prevent excess sebum production. For dry skin types, consider deeply enriching creams to keep the skin soft and moisturised throughout the day. 


Choose an exfoliating face scrub that is appropriate for your skin type. Intense exfoliators can irritate dry, sensitive, or acne-prone skin.

Meanwhile, it may be necessary for those with oily, thicker skin. You want to use paraben and chemical-free products to avoid aggressive exfoliation. Place a small amount and gently exfoliate in circular motions for best results. 

Don’t Forget About Sunscreen! 

Even if your face is behind the mask, you need sunscreen. But do make sure it’s a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30— mainly if you use products for treating acne or reversing ageing signs.

While these chemicals are super helpful for treating skin concerns, they make the skin more vulnerable to sun damage. 


Since the outbreak, people have become more conscious of what is put on their skin. The complexities of physical distancing and mask-wearing have dwarfed what once was a primary consideration, i.e., makeup. Now, the lens is zooming into skincare products that allow fewer constrictions beneath the mask. Even as the world has started its journey to the old normal, skincare remains essential. After all, good skin will never go out of the trend.

Skincare can be challenging to implement strict routines while juggling other life priorities. But you want to give your best, as finding a sense of peace in your skincare regime can contribute to helping you stay more focused.

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