Top 10 Benefits To Study In Australia With Student Visa 500

Studying in Australia can be a really wonderful experience considering the tranquil waves, feisty city life and world-class universities. Deciding to study abroad might be a little intimidating. However, if you are convinced to squeeze out every opportunity that comes your way and learn more about the Australian student visa subclass 500 and the perks attached, this guide will help you.

What is the Student Visa Subclass 500?

The Student visa subclass 500 enables you to stay in Australia for up to 5 years if you are studying full-time at an educational institution. There are a few eligibility criteria that need to be met before applying for the visa. These are:

1)    One must be aged 6 years or older

2)  The candidate must provide confirmation of enrolment in a full-time course in an educational institute in Australia

3)    The applicant must provide confirmation of English knowledge

4)    One must provide proof of the financial capacity

5)    Applicants must secure and maintain adequate health insurance

Additional information about the Student Visa Subclass 500

1)    Visa Application Procedure–There are a few rules to be followed before applying for the student visa 500. These are as follows:

  • If you are residing outside Australia, you have to apply 6 weeks prior to the course commencement
  • If you are in Australia, enable enough time before your new visa expires, since you will need extra time if there are any problems.
  • Refer to the Document Checklist Tool for all the required document list that you need to attach alongside your visa application
  • Create and log in onto the Immi account, attach documents and pay the visa application charge.


2)   Duration of Visa – The duration of a student visa is usually attached to the duration of your study programme. The duration of your study program must be between 12-52 weeks for student visa eligibility. For instance,

  • If you are enrolled in a 6-month course program, your visa is valid for 6 months
  • If you are enrolled in a 3 years course program, your visa validity lasts 3 years.


3)     Extension of Visa – Once you complete your studies, your visa will be extended for the following periods of time, depending on the duration of your course:

  • Your visa will be extended by one month if the duration of your course is less than ten months.
  • Your visa will be extended by two months if the duration of your course is more than ten months.
  • Your visa will be extended by three months if the duration of your course is more than ten months and ending in December.

Benefits of Student Visa subclass 500

1)  There are no limitations to studying. You may choose to study in any of the eligible courses in Australia.

2)  You can move in with your family for the accepted time period under the visa 500. You have to include their names while lodging for the application. If you are pursuing a Master’s degree, then your family member can earn full work rights for the entire visa duration.

3)  There are no strict regulations on working while studying in Australia. You can work and study together without a problem. The visa allows you to work for 40 hours per fortnight and for unlimited hours during school/college/institutional breaks. This will help you to easily cover your living cost.

4)  Under this visa, you are free to travel outside Australia and return back as many times as you wish to. For Covid-19 related regulations or information, it is advised to consult relevant authorities to stay updated. For example, if you are planning to apply for a student visa in Adelaide, referring to migration services in Adelaide will prove helpful.

5)   If you want to stay in Australia and work even after your graduation, there’s a chance it might be possible. The Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) allows some international students to stay and work in Australia even after graduation.

6)  Those pursuing a Masters or PhD do not have any work restrictions. If you are volunteering in a non-profit organisation or working as an unpaid intern, you are allowed to work longer.

7)  The cost of the student visa stays the same irrespective of your application duration. This is a rewarding move on the part of the Australian government. It ends up being a cost-effective plan for an international student planning to both study and work in Australia.

8)  Course packaging is a viable option under which a student can opt to study for two or more courses under one visa. This system allows students to save up on a lot of time and money.

9)  The Covid-19 issue has put a pause to things all over the world. However, Australia is allowing applicants more time to get health checks done and provide English Language test results. This is a good decision since students can now get adequate time to prepare for the tests and ace the English language assessment.

10) You can apply for a subclass 500 student visa at any given age. Conditions apply only if you are less than 18 years of age. The eligibility criteria to get accepted under a student visa if you are below 18 are that you must appoint a student guardian who is older than 21 years of age or alternatively, provide a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) from the Australian school you wish to join.

Lastly, do not rush through the process of application. For instance, if you are seeking to apply in Adelaide and are still unsure about how to proceed, it is best to contact an immigration agent Adelaide for full detailed suggestions and guidance. Research and consult with the best migration agent Adelaide to be sure about a positive visa outcome.

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