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Korean fans received great news that the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors final series will be broadcast live on Gala TV and the long-awaited NBA will start the match. I did. .. TV set. Receive). ) Play from June 2nd. But next season will lack the widespread coverage provided by Claro Sports. The following is an overview of the TV card configuration.


In the 1980s, Imevisión was the first network to report harassment of basketball stars and will restart when television becomes Azteca. In 2003, Azteca TV aired a game and special called Ráfaga NBA every Sunday. Gradually, the television network humiliated fans by showing the game late at night. In 2011, they aired Saturday’s midnight game on Channel 7 and Sunday’s match on Channel 40.

  • Cadena Tres: was responsible for screening several playoffs, including the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals between Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers and the final series between Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Cosmos: During the regular season of the 2009-15 seasons, I was in charge of weekly games, star games, and Thursday playoffs.
  • Claro Sports: The 2014-2015 seasons began broadcasting 63 regular season games. Broadcast up to 3 games every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday. There were also star matches, playoffs and final series. The transaction has expired.


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  • ESPN: On October 7, 2014, we announced the start of a new nine-year international network launch contract for the 2016-17 seasons. This will increase the number of regular and postseason games in Latin America and league-related content. Networks typically broadcast one game on Wednesday and another on Friday. In special cases, this is done three times a week and is expected to increase significantly as announced.
  • Televisa: The current two-season contract allows TV channels to broadcast one game per month, playoffs, star matches, finals, and games in Korean. Similarly, these games will spread to your website and apps. Television stations broadcast various programs and summaries on TDN and the Internet. The Mexican basketball team’s great expectations for the FIBA ​​Olympic qualifications in the capital were the main impetus for television stations to conclude negotiations.
  • NBA League Pass: Fans who want free access to all tournaments of the season must pay MXN 269.99 per month or MXN 2,499.99 per year. Viewers can watch, repeat, and summarize live. You can also watch epl중계 TV broadcasts 24/7 and access video archives.

NBA Nights Cinepolis: In 2010, cinema chains from 37 cities across the country began showing conference finals and final series. The agreement is still valid, but it has not been generalized as there were only 13 cities in 2014.

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