Which Pune Schools are Best For Your Child? Pune School Admission

Pune is the kind of city that most Indians would love to settle in given the chance. The pleasant weather, cosmopolitan nature of the city and its many excellent schools and institutions are the main reasons behind its popularity. Pune school admission is often a difficult affair simply because of the reason that there are so many excellent ones out there.

This is true of primary schools as well as high schools. That being stated, your choice of Pune school for your child will decide how your child turns up. So, it makes sense for you to spend some time doing that. Let us take a look at some of the choices available.

Girls’ Schools

St. Mary’s School for Girls

This school is rated among the country’s top ten girls’ schools. This school was established way back in 1866 and has grown to teach around 300 students. They follow the ICSE curricula and teach classes from the pre-primary level to Class 12.

Rani Laxmibai Mulinchi Sainiki Shala

Rani Laxmibai Mulincho Sainika Shala is India’s first military school for girls and provides education between classes V to XII. It is military-style training that incorporates elements of the gurukul model of teaching. It follows the CBSE curriculum.

St. Helena’s School for Girls

This all girls school was founded by Susie Sorabji as a co-ed school and got converted to a school exclusively for girls in 1950. The school offers the ICSE curriculum from pre-primary classes to standard XII.

Boys’ School

St. Joseph High School

This is a well-regarded SSC board school that was established in 1951 by the Poona Diocesan Education Society. The school offers the Maharashtra State’s education board curriculum. It’s a pre-primary school up to the Class X level.

St. Peter’s School for Boys

This is a boarding school in Panchgani near Pune. It offers the ICSE curriculum which is known to stress the overall development of a child. Located in the beautiful Panchgani hills, it is a great place for the all-around development of a young person.

Sardar Dastur Hoshang Boys School

Another wonderful school in the Panchgani hills that offers the ICSE  The school lies amongst the beautiful hills of Panchgani, which is 100 km away from Pune. The school was established way back in 1912 to cater to the requirements of the local Zohrashtrian community. It now of course takes in boys from all communities and turns them into real men.


Thus we can see that Pune has a number of very good schools that offer some of the best education in the country. Apart from all boys and girls schools, Pune has a number of excellent co-ed schools as well as international schools that cater to the educational needs of everybody.

It would make immense sense for you to understand what a few of them offer, before zeroing in on the school that best suits the requirements of your child. If you have a son whom you want to turn into a disciplined man, a boarding school in the hills might be a good idea. On the other hand, if you want your child to go abroad after finishing school an international school like the Global Indian International School which offers the International Baccalaureate curriculum would be the apt choice.

Then there is also the question of the kind of fees these schools charge. Some of the old schools from the colonial era are known to offer an excellent education at very reasonable fees, while the new age international schools with world-class infrastructure may cost much more. But some of them offer scholarships as well.

All in all, your choice of school for your child has to be a well-thought-out one. But, what you can be absolutely sure of is the fact that you will find a great school for your child in Pune. If not here, then, where else?

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