Why do Employers want to Spy Their Traveling Staff?

The business operations have a lot of responsibilities and activities to take up. In some cases, the employees need to travel outside the business environment multiple times. 

In the given situation, it is noted that a few employees miss the actual plot and essence of traveling outside the business environment and start involving in unproductive activities.

The activities most commonly include streaming music and videos rather than doing the assigned tasks, the said pattern results in delays in the deliverables and assigned tasks, and ultimately the organizational progress suffers. 

Besides this, the negligent use of business devices makes them prone to looming cyber threats in many ways. It is observed that several employees use official mobile devices for executing their personal activities. 

In the given case, when the employees access the unsecured networks and websites from the business mobile phones, the business devices are left on the verge of getting spam files and cyber attacks on them. 

These attacks then result in stealing business data from the respective mobile devices. The stolen data is then used by the cybercriminals for illegitimate business purposed like advanced selling, trendsetting, and trend identification. 

Moreover, the complaints of sexual harassment by female employees while traveling are in large numbers. This pattern massively erodes the credibility and reputation of the organization; thus employers look to fix this kind of problem proactively. 

In the wake of this whole discussion, the experts look to suggest the employers a comprehensive solution that can actively address all their pressing needs. 

Ultimately, the experts come to the point that the address of all the discussed problems is only possible with the use of an employee monitoring application that can be installed on employees’ phones. 

The next question is, what application serves this very need? The answer to this question is TheOneSpy. 

It is one of the finest spying applications that are available for employers in logging all the activities of their employees, whether they are on or outside the workplace or traveling. 

TheOneSpy offers android and iPhone monitoring solutions for employee monitoring. The spy app can be installed on the target device of the employee without any hassle. The end-user needs to purchase the license and install the app on the target device following the provided instructions. 

The end-user actually gets dashboard login credentials after purchasing the subscription. After logging in, there is a comprehensive guide available that can take home regarding the installation of TheOneSpy on the employee phone. 

The spy app does all the monitoring without posing any clue to the target user. The employee does not get any knowledge about spying while traveling outside the business environment. Let’s have a quick review of the features of the employee monitoring solution. 

Location tracking

The location of the target employee can be recorded extensively in real-time in the form of a log. This log can be accessed by the end-user at any point in time. In this way, the employer will be able to know where the target employee is actually located and if they are up to the work they are assigned with.  


Phone call recording

All the incoming and outgoing phone calls that are made or received by the target user can be monitored. All the calls can be listened to in real-time. These calls can be recorded and saved to the online dashboard. 

Social media monitoring

All the chats, images, and videos shared, voice notes exchanged, and VoIP and video calls remain in the control of the employer. The VoIP and video calls can be listened to remotely, and these calls can also be recorded for monitoring later. 

Capture screenshots

The employer can capture screenshots of the mobile screen of the target employee; these screenshot images are stored in the online dashboard. 


Surround recording 

The surround recording feature helps in ensuring the security of the female workers while traveling with the males. The app can bug the mic or front or back camera of the target phone to know about the real-time surroundings of the target employee. 



Employers look to ensure the productivity of their employees while traveling, so they look to monitor their employees by using an employee monitoring solution. The best in this aspect is TheOneSpy. 

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