3 Ideas To Surprise The Bride And Groom On Their Big Day!

The best wedding entertainment ideas so that the bride and groom and the guests do not have an ordinary evening on the wedding day!

Is your best friend getting married? Maybe you were even chosen as the bridesmaid or best man. That means you are not an average guest. You have an essential role in making the wedding reception unforgettable. It’s your responsibility to reserve some surprises that will liven up the evening. Below are five wedding entertainment ideas to make this happen!

1. A Choreography

When it is time to dance, the bride and groom will open the festivities with their first dance. Now it’s up to you to offer them an unforgettable moment. And what’s better than offering them a special choreography. Pick a song that connects you with the couple that reminds you of memories shared with them.

Most wedding planners offer a flash mob. It’s a lovely animation that will set the guests on fire and fill the newlyweds’ eyes with tears of joy. A flash mob is a choreography launched by 3 or 4 people to lively music and which, little by little, welcomes the other guests. In the end, there are maximum people in front of the bride and groom, all doing the same steps. It makes it marvelous and unforgettable. You can also hire 80’s music bands for very interactive and cool wedding activities, including foot-tapping music. Success guaranteed!

2. Plan A Song

You would have liked to give a speech in honor of the bride and groom but, unfortunately, you don’t get the chance but don’t be disappointed. It is always possible for you to express yourself. Alone or with others, dedicate a song to the bride and groom. But remember, it’s not enough just to sing the song. It would be very common. Expert wedding planners say that if you play an instrument with the song makes all the difference.

Also, if you don’t feel like singing yourself, think of hiring a professional singer. For example, you can choose 80’s music bands for all the songs of the wedding and the precise moment of the performance.

3 An Emotional Video

It’s classic but still sensational. Make a little movie with your friends and family and leave personal messages for the bride and groom. It’s up to you to choose which style you want to give to your message.

Recall the memories of childhood, joys, and laughs that you shared with the bride and groom. Or choose to tell the couple’s story through beautiful shots. Want some humor? Try to mimic the bride and groom while remaining nice. Throw in some funny anecdotes that you had kept secret until now. To make it more amusing, share an unusual or memorable situation that they experienced or that you lived with them. Play some 80s party music to make it more fun. But don’t be vulgar, avoid inappropriate comments and embarrassment. Do not forget that families are present, and especially think of the revenge they could do to you at your wedding.

That’s it, do share the after-effects of the ideas you implement in the comment section below.

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