Sports and property rights

Intellectual property (IP) rights (patents, industrial designs, patents, copyrights, etc.) are usually associated with industry and the construction industry in general. IP Owner IP owner skills for a limited time. Therefore, event organizers use IP rules to capitalize on their interest in real games.
Sports began as a hobby or form of exercise for amateurs or participants to enjoy the sport. Today, some game consoles have become global events or multinational corporations with their own “household” rules. Such international events are completely contrary to the national laws of nature.

Popular sports such as football, golf, tennis, basketball,

cricket, sailing, car racing and more. This event has become a global event with a huge fan base, creating a huge market opportunity for planners. Organizers of popular sports such as FIFA (soccer), PGA (golf) and NBA (basketball) often host and organize international competitions to maximize the profits of those who want to profit from marketing. Ability to provide events.
To describe an event, planners first create a special logo, emblem, or description. If the logos or logos are original, they will also be protected as legal services.
For example, in 2010 the World Cup logo was retained as a symbol and symbol under copyright law. Terms such as “2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa”, “2010 FIFA World Cup”, “2010 FIFA World Cup”, “World Cup” and their derivatives are protected from misuse and subject to local laws.
Since the logo/symbols/lines (“event identification”) are widely advertised in the daily news, the public can easily and quickly associate themselves with the event, thereby acquiring strong brand equity. Event organizers are starting to apply brand value to other companies.

Take a look at the various financial options available to planners.

The first line of funding is support fees. Copyright, the right to use forensic evidence in sponsored documents, or the right to use evidence related to a service (eg banking, credit card (Visa), branch), business (including business) Mahindra Satyam or patent (eg type). Image of a luxury watch near a golf course).
The second source of income is collecting doors. It can also support printing tickets on behalf of the sponsor. Thirdly, it is a source of funding for 해외축구중계 equipment such as football, tennis, badminton, oils and cosmetics (racing). While publishing his articles and advertisements as the sole provider of such documentation, he sent a letter authorizing him to become a “legitimate seller”. Interestingly, in 2010 even adds was a big player. Supporter/supporter of the World Cup, Nike football boots for players or effective marketing has attracted many people. Is this a weak road for amides?

The right to record and broadcast events on television and radio, and in the near future on the Internet, is the fourth largest income and the fourth largest income. Broadcast rights to local and international media. All copyrights associated with the recording and distribution of the game are owned by the developers or licensed to specific entities.

Finally, instead of copyright,

The organizers give developers the exclusive right to develop and sell products with masks or event identification.
Schedulers come from several sources, namely:
1. Sponsor funds
2. Door installation
3. Exclusive right to use the product in the event of an event
4. Environmental rights
5. Materialism
In addition to event organizers, other designers and retailers can take advantage of support for sportswear and accessories for teams or players. Think T-shirt, shorts, hat, gloves, shoes, sports socks and more. Brand the unsupported sneakers worn by South African athletes are way too tight (if not impossible). They are another big supporter. When it comes to racing cars, have you ever seen the clothes of an ordinary race car driver? On the other hand, each rider, including the helmet, is usually cast in one form or another.
Even the old food/drink consumed by the player during the game is supported and the ad value is applied to each person. HOUR

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