5 Reasons Why You should use cardboard sleeve packaging

Cardboard Packaging

There are many different packaging options present nowadays. Technology has advanced in every area creating a variety of choices. This can confuse people on what to choose which is best for their product. Cardboard sleeve packaging is something that can stand out. This may be due to its unique structure which makes individuals curious about it. Many brands use it because it is customizable. Your brand can benefit from it.

Interesting facts about cardboard sleeve packaging

Packaging sleeves include a piece of paper that wraps around some object. It aids businesses in branding it without necessarily having to place it within a custom printed box. The ones made with cardboard are strong. A cardboard box can keep materials safe due to its sturdy nature.

The following are 5 reasons why you should employ cardboard sleeve packaging:

  1. Alluring in nature

When designing packaging you need to choose the one that will attract and be prominent when placed with its competition. This one is impressive as it can stand out.

It can be said to be simple yet unique due to its structure. People like to get stuff that is unique and which stands out. It has a high visual appeal. Some businesses are drawn towards its innovative design. It can allow its product to outshine others. This is why it is a good idea to opt for it.

  1. Made of good quality material

At the time that a brand is involved in figuring out the best packaging, they should get one made of high-quality material. The material matters as it influences the strength. Cardboard is a popular packaging material. It is sturdy therefore it is famous. It can be customized as well. This is why a cardboard box is preferred by many brands.

The packaging sleeve made from cardboard will also be strong. It will give people a good impression of your business. They will get the feeling that you focus on quality. Some customers will think that your product is like this as well.

Cardboard is also environmentally friendly. It shows your brand as being a sensible one that wants to reduce its carbon footprint. Many customers are attracted to boxes that are like this.

  1. Good for protection purposes

One major aim of packaging is to provide safety to the product within. This can be done by choosing strong packaging materials as stated above.  Sleeve packages can keep items safe. Their dual structure helps out here. When wrapped around cardboard boxes wholesale they can help keep the merchandise safe.

They are said to be temperature resistant also. You need to place your products in things that will keep them safe from any external influences like harsh temperatures. The sleeves can be used to limit the impacts of vibrations when transportation occurs.

Cardboard can be gotten in the strength of your choice. You can therefore select the one that will best keep the item secure according to what you need to package.

  1. Amazing structure

Cardboard sleeve packaging possesses a unique structure. This is why some businesses prefer it. It is made of two parts. This includes a sleeve that has a tray or a complete box for this purpose.

They are some which have a handle that is attached to the sleeve or tray. This makes it simple for customers to open and close it. You need to choose packaging options that are easy to use. It must not be tough for retailers and customers to handle them. If you create these types of boxes people will not want to buy them. Make people’s life easy and not tougher.

Due to its structure, many companies can opt for this type of packaging. The look is unique and it can show your brand as being different. You can get them made to be the right size and perfect for the product. This will further ensure their safety.

  1. Customizable in nature

Businesses look for cardboard boxes wholesale that can be customized. Packaging sleeves made from cardboard are highly customizable. Brands can print on them with different effects that allow them to stand out. Different graphics can be printed on them which makes them look outstanding.

You can choose the right colors here. Look at color psychology so that you can get to know what different colors mean to your customers. Choose those that will allure them. For instance, if the product is for adults then decent colors work here. The ones for kids can be bright and colorful.

When thinking about how to design the sleeves, you can have a look at trends. They will show what is succeeding in your industry when it comes to packaging design. The minimalist trend is a popular one for packaging made for adults. This is because it tries to keep everything simple.

Customers are not bombarded with too much information that can confuse them. They can understand what is being sold. It is possible to design these sleeves however you want to. The customer base and product can be kept in mind here so that the best can be created.


The above are some reasons why cardboard sleeve packaging is a popular option amongst businesses. If you choose to get this one you will be providing your consumers with something that is of good quality. This is because cardboard is a material that is regarded as being sturdy. It is also good for the environment and so you will be attracting environmentally conscious customers towards what you are selling. Design the packaging sleeves well if you want them to be able to draw people towards them. Remember that there is much competition and it is important to stand out if you want sales to increase.

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