Know The Possible Ways To Avoid Delay In 190 Visa Processing Time

Are you planning to work and settle in Australia? You know, you have taken a great decision. Australia is a beautiful country that offers excellent opportunities to work in a dynamic work environment and much-needed security to its citizens and inhabitants. Adelaide is a fine city with a suitable climate where you can find a variety of options to take. But, before all that, you need to have a 190 visa Australia.

What is Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190?

Are you a skilled worker in an occupation that is listed on the Skilled Occupation List that is nominated by any Australian State or Territory Government Agency? Then, this visa will allow you to settle permanently in this country. You can also bring your eligible relatives for permanent residence.

Regardless of what stage of application of visa you’re now at, you must be aware of all the eligibility criteria, all the stages involved, common problems associated with it, and waiting times.

What are the eligibility criteria of Visa subclass 190?

You must meet the following eligibility criteria to apply to this visa.

  1. The most primary requirement is that you must have the occupation which is present on the skilled occupation list.
  2. You should go through the suitably skilled assessment for your occupation.
  3. You cannot apply for this visa unless you are invited.
  4.   Last but not least, you must satisfy the points test.

The timeline of 190 skilled visa

This visa is indeed an opportunity provider as it gives you the chance to work and study in any part of Australia, sponsor dear ones for permanent residence and apply for Australian citizenship. Therefore, you should be very aware of all the stages that are involved in the entire application procedure.

  1. Deadline: As soon as you will receive your invitation to apply for the visa, you will have just 60 days in your hand to file your application. If you’re already in Australia at the time of application, Australian Home Department will grant you a Bridging Visa so that you can stay here.
  2. Health and character requirements: Your health and character information will be sent by the external agencies that are associated with the immigration department. They will also send other necessary information which will be assessed to see whether you meet all the national security criteria.
  3. Completed application: You need to complete the whole application putting all the data that are necessary. The Home Affairs Department will check all the information to see if the process is completed. If they require additional documents, they will let you know by sending emails.
  4. Verification of supporting documents: You have to submit supporting documents along with your application. The officers at the immigration department will verify all the documents to assess the application.

How long does it usually take to process your visa?

The entire process of the Visa subclass 190 can last for at most, one year. However, exceptions may occur where an unprecedented event, just like the COVID-19 pandemic happening now, can result in major delays. According to the statistics of the Department of Home Affairs, for most of the applications, the processing time taken is 9-12 months, while for about 10% of applications, the application procedure can take more than a year, which is absolutely attributed to circumstances. Remember, the processing time of the visa will depend on the number of applications that are submitted in one go because visas are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What are the reasons behind delays in processing 190 skilled visa?

If you can know the actual reasons behind a visa application getting delayed, you can avoid delays and speed up the entire process. Four major issues are generally associated with slowing the application process.

  1. Incompleteness in the information: This is a very major issue that can cause a prolonged delay in your visa application. If your given information is found to be incomplete and inaccurate, you will need to send additional information or documents again, which will only lengthen the process.
  2. Failure to respond to requests: Immigration officials thoroughly examine all the applications and any discrepancy is will rarely get unnoticed. They will immediately send requests regarding inaccuracy or misinformation. If you fail to respond to these requests that generally come via mail, your visa application will be delayed.
  3. Delays caused by external agencies: External agencies do offer great help by taking responsibility for sending the necessary information to the Home Affairs Department on your behalf. But, sometimes they take so much time that the entire process gets affected. So it is always recommended to work with a better-reviewed external agency. You can discuss this with any Migration Consultant Adelaide for this purpose.
  4. Delays caused by officials: Not only external agencies but Home Affairs officials may also take an exceptionally long time for review.

How can you avoid these delays?

If the delay is anchored by external agencies or Home Affairs officials, you cannot control that. But, there are few things which are in your hands. You can easily do these to carry out a smooth application procedure. At first, you should do detailed background research to find out how you can fill out your complete application and which documents you will be required to submit. Keep in mind that, you should make your application clearly explained, readable, and complete. You can appoint a professional visa advisor who can do this work for you.

Ending note

For more information on getting a visa 190 to live and work in Adelaide, you can contact Migration Agent Adelaide or any other agency that provides necessary immigration services, Adelaide, and expert visa professionals.

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