7 Best Places to Find Wedding Cakes in Lahore

Weddings are one of the most beautiful moments in someone’s life as they commonly come for once in a life. Everyone wants to celebrate this unforgettable moment in the best way he can. Pakistani weddings are considered as one of the most amazing functions full of bright colors. And now wedding cakes are also becoming a part of them. These cakes add fun and sweet memories to the wedding function.

Nowadays special wedding cakes are specially designed and baked for weddings according to the colors and themes of the wedding. These cakes are made in a special order and are available at different prices, also with several flavors. Some of the couples like cake cutting ceremonies on mehndi’s function but most of them prefer it on reception or their Barat’s day. So, this becomes an essential part of wedding ceremonies, especially in the big cities.

Some Of The Best Wedding Cake Bakers Of Lahore Are Mentioned Here

1- Cakes and Bakes

Cakes and Bakes is not only a bakery but a national brand as they have their various branches in different cities of Pakistan. Cakes and Bakes are progressing so fast because of their excellent quality and their commitment to work. It should not be wrong to say that nobody bakes a cake-like them in a town. Whenever it’s your wedding anniversary or a birthday party and you want something ordinary, fresh, and with fine quality, come straight to Cakes and Bakes. They will make your day even more memorable with their taste. So, if you are looking for the best wedding cakes in Lahore, then place your custom order at this bakery.

2- Opulence Bakery

When it comes to your special day and you want to make it more amazing, then a cake cutting ceremony is a great idea. Opulence Bakery in Lahore is highly recommended for you for wedding cakes. Although they have a wide variety of cakes for every occasion like birthdays, parties or any other occasion. Due to their best quality, these are the first choice and priority of many people. Opulence is a fabulous name in the baking industry. They make the best wedding cakes in Lahore.

3- Bakisto The Cake Company

It is the most spectacular cake shop in Lahore which is specialized in offering you various bakery products and desserts. Bakisto is fantastic in its flavor and taste, along with beautiful packing and strong delivery. There you can find a variety of amazing cakes to choose from for your day. Their cakes are usually superior in quality, unparalleled in design. They are also good in taste, that their taste never fails to excite your taste buds.

4- Cake Feasta

No doubt Cake Feasta is one of the top-selling cake stores in Lahore. It is a company that is producing and providing high-quality, unique, and customized designed cakes for special events. This cake store is famous for its novel design with fabulous taste. Its cakes not only have an eye-catching presentation but also delicious taste down to the last bite. Cake Feasta is a name that you can trust blindly, and it is the right choice for your wedding cake too.

5- Cake Monster

It is commonly a Lahore-originated bakery, and now it is one of the leading bakeries of Lahore. If you are looking for a customized cake also full of flavor, the cake monster is the right choice to go. It is famous for its crazy and unusual designs. Cake Monster staff is also friendly and cooperative and they are committed to their work. It never compromises on its taste and quality and always offers you the finest cake for your event.

6- Kitchen Cuisine

It is one of the most famous baker chains in Lahore and Islamabad. It is also one of the top and leading cake designers in the city. Kitchen Cuisine makes cakes on order for any event and bakes your demanded customized cakes too. You just design the cakes and it will make it for you. The dark forest velvety chocolate cake of Kitchen Cuisine is worth appreciating. Being one of the leading bakers, they are making one of the best wedding cakes in Lahore.

7- Coffee Tea and Company

It is basically a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a bakery in Lahore that offers you delicious desserts and sapid cakes. Cake tea and company is best in quality as its cakes are designed with great effort under the strict supervision of experts. This bakery is famous for its wedding cakes. So, if you want a delicious cake for your occasion then Coffee tea and company is a great choice.


Some of the best places to find a beautiful wedding cake in Lahore are mentioned above. These all are extraordinary in their quality and taste that will never disappoint you. But my favorite bakers in Lahore is Cake Monsters as it offers you a quality cake with unique and wonderful designs. For online wedding cakes Lahore, Cakes and Bakes is the best option as you can get your custom cake at your doorstep while sitting on your cozy couch.

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