How To: Be Socially Acceptable

Vineyard Vines Men’s Nautical Striped Polo Shirt in Red, White, and Navy

If you’re someone who is just starting to get into the fashion scene, then I would suggest keeping it simple. If you are a guy who is wearing khakis with a polo shirt, sneakers, and cardigan, then it’s time for an upgrade. First of all your shoes are probably too casual. I know that most guys think wedges are for girls but they don’t have to be! There are some very nice-looking wedge shoes out there that will work great with dress pants or khakis. It’s also beneficial to have one pair of nice black dress shoes that can go with anything in your closet. Next, let’s talk about the polo shirt – this will be important when you want to up your game from casual jeans & a t-shirt on weekends to something more appropriate for work during the week. A button-down shirt has many uses so don’t overlook it! You can wear them under blazers or by themselves on really hot days (sometimes even over a tank top).

Khaki slacks are fine but try swapping them out with navy jeans & grey chinos – they look very similar but navy jeans tend to look more professional which gives off a better impression when meeting new people or going into interviews at places of business outside of school. I have a collection of accessories that I like to pair with these outfits when I’m in my own element. These include belts in different styles & colors, ties, pocket squares & scarves. Here is a great example of an outfit that is simple but classy:

The next thing I would suggest for people who are new to the fashion scene is trying to dress more seasonally appropriate for the weather. If you live in Chicago then you know what it’s like being too hot or too cold most of the time! There are some jackets that are good for year-round but most clothing items break down into 2 categories – spring/summer and fall/winter. When it comes to pants it’s just as simple! Jeans are always good but try swapping them out for khakis or chinos if you want something with a little bit more style. If you have a closet full of jeans then try adding some colored chinos so they won’t all look exactly alike!

Hats can be tricky because even though they cover your hair, they still show off your face. If you have a lot of facial hair then it’s probably best to just go without. For the rest of us who have had pretty clean-shaven or short hair then let your face be seen! If you’re really into fashion then I suggest getting a hat that isn’t too crazy because it will look silly if you are wearing an outlandish hat with a simple outfit. The one pictured above is perfect for this time of year – navy, red & white stripes with a solid navy top.

Now let’s talk about how to rock some accessories! I think ties are great but they don’t need to be worn with dress pants and button-down shirts in order for them to work in an outfit – they can rock jeans and even shorts! It all depends on the pattern and color so if you’re going for something casual, try pairing it with something bright like reds, greens, or blues. As we get closer to fall feel free to add another layer such as another shirt underneath your jacket or even add layers such as vests over your sweater/button-up shirt combos. Most of these options provide more warmth for the coming months so don’t be afraid to mix up your look. Here is an example of how I would dress if I was going to a holiday party or just hanging out with my friends:

The last thing that I want to talk about is how you present yourself when you’re out in public. Even if you’re dressed really sharp, people will always judge you by the way that you carry yourself and interact with others. It’s important not to turn your back on people who are talking to you! If someone asks for directions or says something nice (or even mean) about what you’re wearing, make eye contact and respond accordingly with a smile – it doesn’t matter what they say because if they notice something nice about what YOU’RE wearing then they are already interested in talking to YOU! Not only that but it also shows confidence which can go a long way towards people wanting to be friends with someone like that. For the most part, walking with good posture is enough but there are some things that can help out as well – keep your phone at arm’s length away from your body so it’s harder for someone else to take from right off of your hip/waist area! Make sure not to have anything valuable sticking out of pockets such as wallets or cell phones unless they have a good amount of protection around them such as cases or tethered lanyards/keychains.

I really hope that everything I wrote helps someone out there. I know that getting into fashion can be intimidating but it’s not as hard as it seems if you are patient with yourself and go at your own pace. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to share them below!


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