Guide to a Cross-Cultural Relationship in Moscow

Moscow is undoubtedly a global city. It mixes traditional aesthetics with modern elements nicely, giving both locals and tourists a little bit of everything. We assure you that you certainly won’t be bored when visiting the Big Village.


Since Moscow’s an ever-expanding metropolis, many people flock to the city for greener pastures. And since it’s Russia’s economic center, it’s a no-brainer for most folks to find jobs in the capital. Even foreigners are getting in on the job action, traveling to the Big Village for employment opportunities. Some of them even end up settling down there! And we don’t blame them for that decision. Who doesn’t want to stick around when long-term opportunities present themselves?


And speaking of sticking around, some expats end up residing in Russia permanently because they’ve found partners they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Going by this, you’d think that interracial relationships exist in the country. Good news: they do! However, it isn’t as common over there compared to other countries.


With that said, don’t get too discouraged by the lack of cross-cultural relationships in Moscow. If you happen to love someone of a different culture, don’t let societal expectations stop you! The heart wants it wants.


So, now what? What do you do next?


Allow this guide to help you out! This isn’t THE interracial dating rulebook by any means, but hear us out for a minute. These next few points all come from observations and experiences, so you may want to take some notes.


#1: There will be barriers

And we’re not talking about the physical kind.


Do the locals speak English? The answer: only a small percentage does. One important thing to note is that they only use the language in professional settings. If it’s not business, they prefer to stick to their native Russian. After all, they aren’t living abroad, and they personally don’t feel the need to pick up on the language.


And since most don’t speak English, you can’t properly convey your feelings to your Russian date. That’s one of the barriers you’re going to face when dating other races, so prepare for some biases to show themselves. Luckily, Moscow’s gradually becoming more welcoming to foreigners, so hold your head up.


Pro-tip: try to learn the Russian language. If you plan to stay in the country longer, you may as well spend some time picking it up. Trust us—you’ll be thanking yourself later.


#2: Should you stay or should you go?

Some date around and prefer casual affairs. Others, however, are looking for long-term commitments. And just so you know, neither choices are bad! You control your dating life, and no one else should (unless you’re off the market, of course—don’t cheat!).


Most Russians aren’t big fans of casual dating. Why? Hookups, to them, translate to short-term relief. The Russian dating scene is all about lasting relationships, and they fear that expats won’t give them that. Some only stay in the country for a few months or years, and long-distance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even those who end up staying permanently earn some side-eyes as well.


If you and your Russian date are ready to go all the way into a committed relationship, reassure them that you’re in it for the long haul. While this may not totally erase their fears, it does bring some relief.


#3: Mingle and make yourself visible

Before you start asking people out, make yourself detectable on people’s radars first. The question is, how do you do that?


The answer: explore the city! Moscow is no snooze fest. The town has plenty of spots that singles roam and hang out in. If you’re an outgoing night owl, bars and clubs are your go-to’s. But if you prefer going out during the daytime, you can always spot singles in places like malls and cafes. Want to go digital? There’s always online dating! There are tons of apps out in the market, so pick one (or two) that you like and start your search.


Don’t limit yourself to specific places or areas. Remember to enjoy yourself while being on the lookout as well! It’s not dating without a bit of fun in the mix.


#4: Never settle for less

Not every date’s going to be a match made in heaven. Don’t get too down in the dumps, though! You know what they say: there’s plenty of fish in the sea, so your perfect catch may come later rather than sooner. Please don’t sell yourself short and settle for someone you don’t like. You’re only going to regret that decision as your hopes and expectations fall short.


Fancy a Moscow gentleman or lady? Let the above reminders teach you how to keep them on your radars. Don’t forget to have a blast while dating, even if you’re dealing with disappointing matches.


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