How to prepare to solve class 8 maths question paper?

We always hope to be the best and cease on the head of the game. Similarly, if you are exchanging your CBSE Class 8 exam, Mathematics will be the only subject that will help you be the numerous useful. Because in CBSE Class 8, Mathematics is the only period where students can achieve full marks in the exam. But to score full marks or excel in Mathematics, you need reliable equipment which requires smart work.

In this article, we donate some tips which will help students to fare well in the class 8 maths question paper. Still, before we start preparing for the review, let’s see about the Mathematics syllabus.


Syllabus of CBSE Class 8 Mathematics:


List of Chapters Marks weightage (in %)
Rational Chapters 08
Linear Equations 10
Understanding Quadrilaterals 09
Understanding Quadrilaterals Continues 04
Practical Geometry 08
Data Handling 11
Squares and squares roots 12
Cube and Cube Roots 06
Comparing quantities 16
Algebraic Expressions & identities 8
Algebraic Expressions & identities continue 4
Visualizing solid shapes 7
Mensuration 11
Mensuration Continues 4
Exponents and Powers 6
Direct and Inverse Propositions 8
Factorization 12
Introduction to graphs 4
Introduction to graph continues 8
Playing with numbers 10


Based on the table, we value every CBSE Class 8 student to focus on the 4 lines highlighted.  First, you need to start with the chapters that become the most meaningful weightage of marks in the review. Then you need to focus on getting the fundamentals of the respective chapter.


Learning the basic concepts in each chapter is essential, as it will also help you in planning for competitive exams such as JEE and NEET. To get the best information about any topic in CBSE, you can always use NCERT Solutions in which a specific part (and its topics) is covered in detail. By learning from textbook answers, learners are quickly able to get more marks in the exam without the help of teachers, thus protecting their precious time and without moving to education or a coaching center.


Tips to follow for CBSE Class 8 Mathematics:


1) Constant practice: Practice makes characters sound. So, to read and excel in Mathematics, you need to normally practice. You lack to go through several papers to excel in the examination.


 Practice is a key parameter that will assist you in learning the subject.

2) Focus on challenging topics: If you need to get well, you need to focus on the challenging chapters and thoroughly understand all the concepts. Try to make the chapters like quadrilaterals, geometry, and algebraic expressions first, then pass them on to the others. This is because these subjects are most challenging and the ideas that you learn now will further be used in future examinations. So always try to create the hard things first rather than making the easier ones.

3) Prefer the NCERT Solutions: CBSE itself encourages students to use the NCERT Solutions. This is because each idea is bestowed chapter-wise. Students get a basic perception of a topic and know what to focus on to score well in the exam. The NCERT Clarifications for Mathematics can also support you with JEE education.  

4) Refer to sample papers: If you need to clean in Mathematics, then you require to refer to worked sample papers. By thoroughly considering the subject, you can gain added marks. Most issues that will be asked in your exam will be like those from such question papers. 

5) Clear all your doubts: You need to make sure that you don’t have any difficulty linked to a certain topic. By clearing all predicaments, you can study well and make the exam easy.



3 Common mistakes to avoid while preparing for Class 8 Maths Question:


  • Avoid jumping topics with fewer marks/weightage as fundamentals studied in Class 8 will also be important in future investigations.
  • Never try to attempt a question if you are not cleared regarding the concept. It will not lead you everywhere and will simply spend more time. 
  • Don’t try to learn Mathematics with characters who try to avoid it at any value. 



Finally, have a dedicated 1 hour of education and 1 hour of patients. Follow this system at least twice a week. Learning these tips and bypassing the common errors will help you to score more results in the CBSE Class 8 Mathematics exam. 


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