How to Setup American Truck Stimulator Steering Wheel?

american truck simulator steering wheel

Getting into the real aura of game—driving the virtual truck with actual controls is just possible by setting up the American truck simulator steering wheel. It gives the same conceptual ride with detailed aesthetics like automatic or manual gearbox, race & brake pedals etc. Here, we have enlisted the procedure required to set the steering wheel, and certain exciting features of game.

Setting Up the American Truck Stimulator Steering Wheel

In order to set up the steering wheel, adhere the procedure described below;

  • Connect the device to USB cable.
  • Find a suitable website for Installing the steering wheel setup.
  • Open the game and move the cursor on the “input wizard”.
  • This will give steering wheel a proper recognition by the game.
  • To play choose simple automatic.
  • Select the combined pedals for advanced setup (you can also change settings according to your own choice).
  • Press the “final wizard” to set the steering wheel.
  • The game will detect the steering wheel automatically, you must see it at control menu.

Following things plays their role in the proper gaming experience of American truck stimulator with steering wheel setup.

Cruise Control Grid Step

To ride on the elevation or off the elevation, cruise control grid step is used to change and control the speed of the truck.

Smart Cruise Control

To maintain a safe distance to set the speed tolerance in mph so that the truck will not change its direction when the retarder is on.


It should be done carefully and while unloading zone destination.

Rain Probability

The probability of rain falls increases as we move towards the right so keep the truck in the middle of the road.

Invert Mouse

Mouse and cursor (position indicator showed as moving pointer) are inversely proportional to each other as the cursor will move towards right if the mouse is moved left and vice versa.

Steering Camera Rotation

After the steering camera rotation—it allows the camera to move in the direction of the truck if the truck is moving left the camera will also turn it to the left. It is an adjustable driving direction camera.

Blinker Camera Rotation

To move the camera in the interior by using the indicator—It rotates camera towards the right mirror if indicator points in the right direction and if indicator points towards the left, camera will move towards the left.

Physical Movement Camera

To set the slider in the right direction to improve camera correction, physical movement camera is used to indicate the precise movement of the truck.

Choice of Steering Wheel

While choosing the wheel steering its rotation, vibration, pedals, material, sensitivity, compatibility and affectability should be taken under consideration for the proper working—the American truck simulator steering wheel setup will be suitable for long run use.



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Features of American Truck Stimulator Steering Wheel

Knowing the certain features of American truck simulator associated with the steering wheel setup will help you get the in-depth experience from the game. These are;

  • Gearbox Type
  • Fatigue Stimulation
  • Steering Auto-Center
  • Breaking Intensity
  • Trailer Stability
  • Automatic Retarder
  • Truck Speed Limiter
  • Automatic Exhaust Break
  • Electricity Starts or Automatic Engine
  • Air Brakes Stimulation

Each of these are explained as under;

Gearbox Type

Gears is that part of American truck stimulator that changes from time to time with the help of a button to move forward, backward, in neutral position, when you accelerate or reverse, it changes automatically.

Fatigue Stimulation

Fatigue Stimulation is the that setup of American truck stimulator which when you’re tired or feeling dizzy can be applied after the recommendation of control game, finding parking area and stop your engine to rest by pressing the button on the game control which allows you to have some leisure.

Steering Auto-Center

These wheels are connected to pc for to increase the speed of games which includes racing where you can control your truck’s speed on highway and other places. This choice is for gamepad users to center their driving trajectory, after turning releasing the wheels hold with the help of steering wheels.

Breaking Intensity

Break intensity strongly affects the breaking distance (when breaks are applied fully how much distance the truck will cover before reaching a complete stop. The speed of the truck should be realistic as at the right side it will increase the speed and vice versa, but in the middle, it will be more realistic and controlled.

Trailer Stability

It includes in the safety features of the truck to stable the intensity of the truck moving left and right. To restore the intended path or loss of traction, by applying brakes it reduces the speed of the truck stimulator and regain its original track or position.

Automatic Retarder

It is used to keep speed constant or steady at downhill sections by decreasing the speed so that truck will not exceeds or accelerate at the certain limit. During breaking it the retarder is activated in the American truck stimulator to control the speed.

Truck Speed Limiter

To limit the speed of the truck at 65 miles per kilometer it is used and activated during the breaking of the truck stimulator. To fasten up the speed of the truck, truck speed stimulator can be turned off to enjoy the game at higher speed.

Automatic Exhaust Break

During breaking to reduce gear and to increase the breaking distance Automatic exhaust break is used. It minimizes the speed of the engine and send exhaust gases out of the engine by using exhaust valve.

Electricity Starts or Automatic Engine

By pressing on the button W, the engine will start automatically. It allows your engine to work automatically without any instructions. And by pressing the E button all of the stimulator components are started through it.

Air Brakes Stimulation

when the truck is struck or stop and not moving from the position, air brake stimulation is used by accelerating the neutral gear. In brakes air serves as an energy source. This allows the recognition of smoothness in run again.


Setting up of the truck is done by its installation and introducing it through input wizard to control the stimulator through steering wheel. The components involved in the working are automatic retarder, electricity start or automatic engine truck speed limiter, automatic exhaust break, automatic Drop of lifetable axis and air brake stimulation. The factors affecting the direction of Steering wheel are blinker camera rotation, invert mouse, and steering camera rotation. Most of the times, beginners face hurdles in the starting of game and can’t get the actual virtual experience. acknowledging these will help getting the adrenaline out of more


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