Live Forever With Your Blogs

Live Forever With Your Blogs

When I majored in English Literature, I came across a modernist poem. It was about a father who had 2 sons. One was a warrior and the other a poet. Although very proud of his two sons, this father valued his poet son even more. In simpler words, this father explained that a warrior can fight for his country and sacrifice his life. After a few days this sacrifice will be forgotten. But poetry will always live on and so will the child who wrote it.

Why Blogs?

Identity Protected:

Barriers limit many people from self-expression  indian tech blog. People feel bad when they are ridiculed or publicly humiliated. Blogs offer you the opportunity to express yourself fully without fear. Your identity is in your control. You may be 50 but pretend to be 15. Even if you are ridiculed or laughed at for what you post, no one will know who you are.

Tip: Keep the Pseudo name. Do not post your original image.


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Multiple Ways for Expression:

Blogs offer to be an innovative medium to express the creativity that has been dormant within you. Write poetry or stories, doodle memories or recipes, upload your pictures or pictures, you are free to post anything on your blog. So next time you want to express your feelings or emotions will not be taken back. You can communicate in any medium you like.

Wider Audience:

An Indian blogger might get a positive reception for the blog from the international crowd. Your blog is accessible to all Internet users. The more positive comments, the more your confidence will grow. Healthier criticism more room for your growth.

Comment Control:

You may get likes or dislikes. Some may offer praise or may criticize. But it is your blog. You can decide which comments will be on your blog. If you don’t want any negative or unhealthy criticism to decorate your blog, you can get rid of it. Also if you want to explain your work or suggestions or feedback, you can do so with comment support.

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