The Secret to the Transformation that Happens at Halfway Houses in Florida

Alcohol addicts often believe life is no fun without alcohol. Interestingly, they almost always have a reason to drink. Their day starts and ends with alcohol until, one fine day, they can, no longer, say ‘no’ to alcohol. Then, alcohol starts consuming them. 

Now comes a stage when they must drink, even if they don’t want to. Now they drink to escape from the terrible withdrawal symptoms that emerge when they miss a drink. 

A pitiful situation this is, but there’s a ray of hope. 

The transformation 

If you want to quit drinking, then you can. Initially, it seems that you can’t because you are addicted. Yet, it is possible to live a sober life after years of drinking. Florida Halfway houses are witness to amazing transformations in people. 

People enter the house as recovering addicts. They leave as sober and responsible individuals. 

They enter the house with apprehensions and a certain repulsion to the halfway house rules. They exit teary-eyed, having to say goodbye to the friends they made here, and with a sense of self-discipline, sobriety, and confidence. 

The secret to the transformation 

As per a National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services done by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), about 74 percent of houses and treatment centers deploy the 12-step program. 

The sheer success of this program encourages houses and centers to use it as a treatment modality for different kinds of addictions. 

The 12 steps depicted in the program are not mere steps. They are values that a person includes in his or her life and, as a result, witnesses unbelievable transformations. The steps include qualities of being humble, honest, and surrendering to a Higher Power. It also includes helping others recover once you are recovered.

It’s like lighting the path of others once you have found your own light. 

Hesitant to come?

Hesitant to come to a halfway house? When you decide to quit drinking and enter a detox program, it benefits not only you but also your entire family. Alcohol addiction affects the individual and his or her whole family. Addiction is like a disease. And when somebody in the family has a disease, everybody gets affected in some way or the other. 

Consider this: you are doing it for yourself and your family. Why the hesitation?

Experts recommend spending time in a house before you go home after a detox program. This is to prepare you completely for a sober life ahead. 

It is seen that recovering addicts who go straight home after a detox program are more likely to relapse. People usually fail to get a strong support system at home. They are back to those same friends and environment that tempted them to start drinking in the first place. 

So, as soon as you finish your detox, search for a “halfway house near me”. The house serves as a medium that helps you transit from an alcoholic to a sober person. 

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