Looking For The Top 3 Best CBSE Schools in Noida

CBSE schools have been the most sought-after schools due to their universal acceptance and their diversity in the curriculum. However, nowadays, before they get into any school admission process, parents try to look for schools that offer the best of both worlds in terms of modern learning techniques and long-proven curricula.

Thus, CBSE schools have always been one of the wisest choices in terms of the future of a student’s academic journey. It is quite common for it to operate across the entire country so that no student has to face delays in-class delivery when it comes to the continuity of lesson plans. The main course of NCERT is the reference for the curriculum of CBSE school.

When we talk about universal acceptance, we mean to talk about how CBSE school preparation helps in the preparation of major competitive exams like the IITs. It gives somewhat advantage to students who are from different backgrounds.

This gives an upper hand to the students who need to seek admissions through competitive examinations to top foundations, like AIIMS and IIT. Additionally, some CBSE schools also help students practice for such exams by providing customized mock examination papers.

Let us look at a few CBSE schools in Noida that set an example for education in Noida

Sapphire International School

Around 17 years ago, back in 2003, a Sapphire Nursery School was set up in the Anand Vihar area to provide quality and value-based education to the students. Eventually, after a highly positive response, the Senior Secondary School opened up at Noida, Sector 70, as a premier co-educational English-medium school with day-boarding facilities, running from Pre-Nursery to Class XII.

It has a sprawling lush green campus with state-of-the-art facilities, modern technologies, and world-class infrastructure and provides an appropriate room for learning and knowledge sharing to build the leaders of tomorrow.

Capturing a blend of tradition and modernity, this institution portrays a natural motivation towards the quest for excellence with the guidance of the most creative and qualified teachers in the classroom. It is a fully-fledged and respected CBSE school that caters to all family strata keeping in mind the values of equality and the sense of brotherhood.

Global Indian International School Noida

GIIS is quite a renowned CBSE school cum international school, not just in Noida, but across the world. It has major branches in 7 different countries – India, Singapore, the UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. They have this Bridge Programme which works perfectly for any student who is transitioning from one school to the other mid-grade.

It would not matter even if she had joined mid-session because they would eventually make up for the classes lost or missed through curated courses that would bring the students up to speed with the class.

Now GIIS Noida accurately follows the CBSE pattern but makes sure that they modify the way they impart the education through their value-added programs which use online tools along with a STEM methodology so that the students are both university and industry-ready.

One cannot forget their unique 9GEMS (TM) Methodology which prepares a student in 9 core facets of self-actualization and living ranging from academics to community care. Every parent should understand that learning is not just about reading books but way more than that. GIIS also has a range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities which fosters immense peer-to-peer learning amongst the children.

ASPAM Scottish School

Their motto ‘Educate to Empower’ accurately sums up the objective of their education and inspires students to endow our students with future-ready skills, rational approach, ingenuity, and the willpower to become successful achievers. ASPAM Scottish School is one of the top CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary Schools, is located in Sector 62, Noida.

The vision of ASPAM Scottish School is to nurture all different attributes of a student, through a constant endeavor of honing the talents of each ASPAMIAN. The mission of the ASPAM family is to provide a challenging environment with boundless opportunities thereby unlocking the infinite potential within every student.


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