Check The CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Syllabus & Exam Dates

Business Studies is one of the core subjects for the Commerce stream students of Class 11th and 12. The students who opted for Commerce in 11th must go through the Class 11 Business Studies syllabus properly to develop their base in BSt. Once the concepts for class 11 are clear, the students can clearly understand the topics in the higher classes. But first, the syllabus for Class 11 Business Studies is very important.

You can get the official syllabus for Business Studies from the official CBSE site. The Exam dates for the class 11 Business Studies exam are released by CBSE. For better marks in the exams, the students need to clear all the topics to join CBSE Class 11 Online Classes.

Here let us go through all the major details, such as the termwise syllabus and exam dates for Class 11th Business Studies.

CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Exam Dates

Since the Class 11 Business Studies curriculum has been divided into two terms, Term 1 and Terms 2. This is why the exams are now conducted in two phases. The first phase of the Class 11th Business Studies Exam, i.e., Term 1, was conducted in November and December. Similarly, the tentative dates for the Term 2 Business Studies exam have been proposed to take place on 14th March. Still, the dates now published are the tentative dates and not the confirmed ones. After the Class 11 Term 1 Exam result, CBSE will probably announce the confirmed dates for the Term 2 Exams.

CBSE Class 11th Business Studies Syllabus for Term 1 and marking scheme

Term 1 of Class 11 Business Studies consists of six units for 50 marks. There will be a theory exam for 40 marks that will contain all six topics. The rest ten marks will be given for the project work. The term one syllabus comprises the topics related to the Foundations of the Business majorly.

Units Term 1 Topics Marks
Part A Foundations of Business
Evolution and Fundamentals of Business
Forms of Business Organisations
Public, Private, and Global Enterprises
Business Services
Emerging Modes of Business
Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics
Total 40 Marks
Project Work 10 Marks

Hence to pass the Term 1 Examination of Class 11 Business studies, the students must acquire 33% marks theory exam and practical exam. The students who appeared for the Term 1 exam will appear in the Term 2 Exam.

CBSE Class 11th Business Studies Syllabus for Term 2 and marking scheme

After completing the term one examination of Class 11, CBSE releases the dates for the Term 2 Exams. But the syllabus for Term 2 is already available on the CBSE website. Term 2 for Business Studies in Class 11 is 50 marks, where 40 marks are for their exam and 10 for practical exams. The major topics covered in the Term 2 syllabus are Finance and Trade.

Units Term 2 Topics Marks
Part B Finance and Trade
Sources of Business Finance
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development
20 Marks
Internal Trade
International Business
20 Marks
Total 40 Marks
Project Work 10 Marks

Benefits of Class 11th Business Studies Syllabus

The students preparing for Class 11 Business Studies must be aware of why they are suggested to go through the syllabus before preparation. The first major reason is that the syllabus lets you know all the topics asked in the exam. So, accordingly, you can carry on your preparation. You also get to know which topics are for which of the Terms. You can also get the details about the project works and the other compulsory assignments in the Class 11 Business Studies Course.

CBSE Class 11th Business Studies Books Name

For Class 11 Business Studies students, books play a crucial role in overall development and preparation for exams. But students must not collect unnecessary study materials or books that will become a burden for them. So, the students are suggested to go through the NCERT books first. After they complete all the chapters of NCERT, they can move with the suggested readings for Business Studies by CBSE. Let us go through some of the significant books you can refer to for Business Studies for class 11th.

  • Poonam Gandhi’s Business Studies Class 11th for CBSE.
  • Sandeep Garg’s Business Studies with Case Studies for Class 11th.
  • 61 Paper Bank for Business Studies Class 11th 2022 Examination by Gurukul Books.
  • Business Studies Class 11th by Meena Verma.
  • Vyavasaye Adhayan – Class XI (Hindi) by C.L. Chaturvedi and L.N. Aggarwal
  • Oswal Editorial Board’s Oswaal Sample Question Paper Class 11th Business Studies Book.

Therefore, these are some significant readings that the students can go through for Class 11th Business Studies. Also, do not add unnecessary burden after completing the required references. Instead, you can focus on practising from the sample papers and the past year’s papers.


Therefore, Class 11 Business Studies students must abide by the syllabus for both the terms specified by CBSE. Students need to download the Class 11th Business Studies from CBSE authorized site. This syllabus includes all the required information and details regarding the topics asked in the exams. Hence, before preparing a schedule or the study plan, the students must go through the detailed Syllabus of Business studies. Along with the syllabus, students also need to consider the exam dates. The exam dates for the CBSE class 11 exam are allocated by CBSE and are released on the site. Students are also informed from their respective schools regarding the exam dates.

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