Must Know 5 key Benefits of using International Credit Cards

The 2019 Coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for many of us to travel, rendering most of us having to postpone our vacations and family meetups across the world. Because of this reason, the investment in an international credit card lowered as many stopped seeing the point behind such an investment.

However, with an international credit card comes additional power. This card can be utilized anywhere in the world and aids you in making more transactions in case you do not have an adequate amount of cash on you. In other words, it acts as a safety net in times of any cashless adventures.

Adding this to your travel kit is recommended because of the various benefits that follow it. It is important to highlight the benefits of using such a prestigious card. It must be borne in mind, however, that regardless of how alluring an international credit card may seem, they all vary from each other and must be researched into before any investment is made in them.

  1. International Chip and Personal Identification Number (PIN)

The magnetic strip found in conventional credit cards has been replaced with international chips. This is because most corporations only accept this international chip as the magnetic strips are considered to be outdated and unsafe. To register the authenticity of the cardholder, and ensure the issuance of authorized transactions, a four-digit PIN code is checked.

Although many international credit cards do not necessarily require you to set up a PIN code to make transactions, they are still recommended to be set up to ensure that your transactions are processed fast at self-service kiosks, gas pumps, or ticket booths. Overall, international chips and PIN codes ensure safety to a cardholder, and it is recommended that credit cards with these features get looked into for better security measures.

  1. Travel in Style

Cards of this ilk are known for being the best airline rewards credit cards. From redeeming reward points to getting free lounge access, to automatic seat upgrades in airplanes, these cards are reputed for their travel benefits. The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, for instance, provides customers with complimentary airport lounge access up to 8 times a year.

  1. Effortless Transactions

Not only does this card act as a safety net in times of distress with its provision for everyone to complete their overseas transactions seamlessly, but it also lets you withdraw cash from ATMs abroad without any difficulties. With just the swipe or tap of your card, you can easily make a transaction, and if you have any difficulty doing this, you can directly contact your credit card issuer and resolve the problem easily.

You can also complete your transactions by withdrawing cash from foreign ATMs. Before doing this, however, cash advance fees, processing fees, and exchange rate mark-up fees must be scrutinized.

  1. The surge in Reward Point Accumulation

International credit cards come with attractive offers and high reward points compared to conventional credit cards. With the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, for instance, you can earn 20 reward points for every Rs. 200 spent abroad and can redeem it to purchase electronics, air tickets, etc. This card accelerates the reward point awarding structure with its internationally recognized facilities.

  1. Live in Luxury

Most international credit cards not only come with travel benefits but living benefits as well. In addition to using your accelerated reward point allowance to purchase new furniture and revamp your household, you can also improve your game completely and live in a hotel at a discounted rate.

This can be observed in the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. You can avail of a 5% discount on all hotel reservations made through the ‘’ website with this card. You can also dine in style at the resort with an accumulation limit of ten times the reward points in restaurants located across the world.


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