5 Things to Understand Before Proceeding with Employee Verification

Employee background verification in India is a process to investigate a candidate’s past employment. It verifies the legitimacy of the documents such as experience certificates, KYC details, previous employer feedback, etc., to ensure there are no false claims and any fabrication whatsoever. 

For a company, employee background verification plays a crucial role in getting a trustworthy recruit and an ideal fit for the required job profile. The process is either carried out by the company’s internal recruitment team or outsourced to top Employee background verification companies who are experts and use sophisticated tools like V CIP KYC and fetch all the necessary details related to the employee quickly. 

Let’s discuss five things you must know as a recruiter to conduct employee background verification in India:

Importance of Employee background Verification:

There are many ways a candidate can commit resume fraud and lie about their job role, education, and experience. The only way to detect and avoid such fabrications is to set up a fully-fledged employee background verification system. It should consist of experts trained in conducting a thorough investigation and the latest technology like V CIP KYC to map and record further analysis. More importantly, these experts should have access to critical public records and proficiency in sorting through the data.  

Some of the factors that make employee background verification in India crucial are:

  • The hired employee will be put in a position of trust like handling money and important documents of the company. If the candidate is not trustworthy, there are chances of theft, forgery, etc. It can jeopardize the company’s reputation, put them in a legal coup, lose money, disrupt the working environment, and even lose clients. 
  • About 75% of employers feel they might have hired the wrong candidate. It is avoidable with an effective hiring process that can eliminate wrong candidate selection to the maximum extent. 
  • There is no inclusive database placed anywhere to retrieve the candidate’s past work, performance, or fraud details and offer a clean chit. Therefore, a lot of research and retrieval of information is needed, so hiring an expert company that can perform an employee background verification in India is the way to go.

Some Employee Background Verification Statistics to Know:

  • The number one reason for doing Employee background verification in India is to avoid fraud of any kind 
  • More than 84% of employers are benefiting from background verification 
  • About 53% of resumes received at the recruiter end contain at least one lie or inaccuracy. 
  • About 72% of employers use social media details of the candidate during the hiring process. 
  • As per various surveys, about 96% of employers adopt some form of background screening for hiring candidates. 

Ways to Verify a Candidate’s Previous Job History and Background:

A typical employee background verification in India includes getting accurate information regarding previous employment, educational qualification, driving record, etc. Before starting the process, it is crucial to follow the following steps: 

  • The employer must inform the candidate that they will perform background verification.
  • The candidate must provide written consent to allow for digging details regarding their candidature. 
  • The pre-employment screening process must be included in the official hiring policies. 
  • The candidate must be informed about the type of checks done like lifestyle, medical and criminal history, character, etc.

Information Allowed Regarding Previous Employment:

An employer can only ask for information related to the candidate to his previous employer as per the laws of the Indian constitution. However, some examples of what a previous employer can share during employee background verification in India are listed below:

  • Correct Reason for leaving the previous organization 
  • Candidate’s performance and behaviour during the tenure  
  • Roles and responsibilities performed by the candidate during his tenure
  • Start and end date of employment 
  • Salary details 
  • Any legal action taken related to the office work

Time Needed to Complete Employee Background Verification in India:

Various factors that affect the calculating time for doing employee background verification in India are:

  • The total number of candidates shortlisted for the employee background verification stage 
  • Number of team members working on the process 
  • How easily the details of previous employment can be retrieved 
  • The response time and willingness of the last employer with regards to sharing of information

Anyway, if the process is outsourced to a credible background verification company that uses the latest technologies like V CIP KYC and AI-enabled solutions can provide real-time results for identifying and database screening. For other checks, the TAT is 14 days because other parties are involved. For instance, police verification requires a response from government bodies and other agencies.

Finally, we can say that employee background verification in India is a crucial step of the hiring process and can impact a company’s growth in a big way, hence requiring serious consideration. 

The above five pointers will help you carry out the background verification in the right way. It will maximize your chances of hiring the right candidate who is trustworthy and becomes part of your company’s journey to success.

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