Overnight Desert Safari -A Night Full Of Adventures

Do you want a break from exhausting city life? Take a pause to rejuvenate yourself in the fresh breezes turbid by Arabian sand. An overnight desert safari in Dubai is the best venture if you are looking to spend great quality time with family and friends. It opens doors to the static experience of jovial opportunities. Not just that, observing the wilderness of desert safari Dubai gives an insight into the true colors of Arabian culture. Do you want to know how? Explore in the following listings.

Overnight Charms of Desert Safari in Dubai 

  1. Scenic Landscape of Night 


An overnight visit to the Arabian barren offers you to bless your vision with the most scenic views ever. The starry night outside the Bedouin camp takes your sleep with its spellbound beauty. Stare at the galactic blue sky and rejuvenate your inner self. The morning sun invites you to a delightful new day filled with hopes and new dreams. The beautiful landscape of the dunes under the newly raised sun is just out of this world.

  2. Adrenaline Rushing Sand Sports


Head to the spine-tingling sand sports in the indigo of night. Dune bashing is a popular dune activity in which a 4×4 takes you over the edge of high sand dunes. Other exciting dune activities include quad biking, sandboarding, and camel riding. Explore the limits of terrain by riding its ancient mode of transport i.e. camels. Glide in the air fixing your feet on the sandboard, and meet real thrill by riding a quad bike. These excursions at the barren of Dubai are the ultimate choice of thrill-seekers. 


3. A Variety of Cuisines


The mouthwatering buffet of various veg and non-veg items is another felicity of choosing an overnight desert safari. Right after hitting the dunes, you’ll be escorted to the sumptuous buffet. Have some delicious bites out of veg and non-veg cuisines served along with a number of siders and salads. There are plenty of refreshing beverages available such as soft drinks, tea, and coffee, to resume your energy. Refill your glass over and over because you have unlimited free access to these restoring drinks.

4. Live Shows and Entertainment


The iconic stage of the conventional and contemporary entertainment sets in the vicinity of Arabian terrain. Witness the vivid colors depicted by skilled performers. The famous dance forms include Tanura dance, fire dance, Zumba, stick & s1word dance, and Belly dance. These amazing dance shows are the perks of visiting Arabian dunes which you’ll encounter only on an overnight trip.


5. An Adventurous Camping Experience


A clearly prominent highlight of your overnight trip to desert safari is night camping. Spend a memorable night in the traditional Bedouin-style camps. These camps reflect the beautiful preservation of Arabian artistry and culture. Whether you choose to stay in a private camp or pitch of your own, camping in the middle of Arabian dunes is going to be the best delight of your trip. The campsite fun is all in all a nomadic escape for the lavish habitat citizens.




Your Dubai vacations are incomplete without visiting this enlightening beauty of nature. From submerging your first step in the golden sand ocean to giving it a goodbye gaze, an overnight desert safari is a heaven for travelers. So grab an overnight itinerary to desert safari and witness the dunes of Dubai in their finest glory.

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