Factors Influencing Impulsive Buying in the Fashion Retail Industry

Impulse buying can be defined as “the buying of a product on the spur of the moment.” In other words, buying is done by an individual without pre-planning. You can have any product in the local market and sell it in the international market. By just having VPN service for the website.

For instance, they make decisions without any premeditation. Moreover, impulse buying reflects feelings and emotions instead of planning and logic (Chen & Wang, 2016). Impulse buying culture has been increasing since the development of supermarkets and malls.

People nowadays go to buy grocery and ends up buying a lot of things that are not even in the list. A person goes to buy medicines and they end up buying cute sanitizer holders and fancy medicine boxes. All this is because; the products are shelved in a way that the customer cannot resist buying. Impulse buying behavior is considered to be the best strategy that increases the revenue of a store.

Buying To Attracted Products

Impulse buying behavior is present in every person, whether a person does or does not have purchasing power, but the urge to buy things is present. Today’s consumers engage in impulsive buying on a usual basis. When they visit the market to make a purchase then they also unintentionally buy something they feel attracted to.

Buying behavior is influenced by many factors, such as an individual’s personality, thinking, behavior, and feelings, etc. (Mathai & Haridas, 2014). Impulsive buying is more common among status-conscious and fashionable people as they use fashionable outfits (Han, Morgan, Kotsiopulos, & Kang-Park, 2018).

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Importance Of Impulse Buying In Fashion Retail Store

This study aimed to find out the factors which affect consumer impulse buying in fashion retail stores. Therefore, this study will help marketers to understand consumer behavior and hence increase their revenues and sales. Moreover, it is a theoretical contribution.

This research study identified the impact of different variables on impulse buying behavior as well as providing recommendations for fashion retailers and marketers to take a useful step. The impulsive buying behavior of customers has emerged as an important area of consideration for marketers. Now becomes a usual behavior of customers. Therefore, there is a need to evaluate the influence of impulse buying on the attitudes of customers and the factors influencing this behavior. Moreover, it is also important to analyze the effectiveness of different variables.

Impulsive Buying

Impulsive buying is an unintended decision to make a purchase. The individual who makes such purchases are called impulse buyer or impulse purchasers (Alireza & Hasti, 2011).

Store Environment

The physical surrounding of a store is called a store environment; it is made up of different factors, such as layout, music, Lighting, directional signage, and human elements (Mathai & Haridas, 2014).

Window Display

It is a window in a shop that is designed to display items in order to attract customers (Collins, 2019).

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Income Level

Purchasing behavior is one of the major components of impulsive buying behavior. Impulsive buying behavior is usually high when a person is earning a lot. However, impulse buying behavior is not stopped due to income. Usually, the people who cannot afford are also buying products as a result of impulse buying behavior. Moreover, it has been observed by Akyuz (2018) that when a person is earning more, his impulsive buying nature tends to increase, which results in buying products that are not even needed. Furthermore, when a person has a sufficient amount of money, the impulsive buying behavior is not a big deal for them, but when a person is earning limited and spending more than that, then it creates problems.

Window Displays

A person is automatically attracted by the window display of an outlet. Usually whatever is on the display relates to what is actually inside the store. According to Tifferet and Herstein (2012), it is a common theory that if you want to attract a customer make sure that the window display of your store is extremely eye-catching so it ultimately attracts the customers. Moreover, it has been explained by Yaniv and Farkas (2005) that window displays are a source of revenue, as your window display is the focal source of how much customers enter into your store. No matter, whether the person wants to buy a product from your store or not, if the window display is attractive enough, they will definitely enter your store. Trends and changes are part and parcel of the retail business.

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This study is confined to the fashion retailing sector in Karachi and could not cover other cities of Pakistan. Moreover, the focus of this research is on the fashion retailing division of Karachi and the choices of people there. Therefore, the generalization may not be valid for other retail sectors. Moreover, the study will focus on some important variables which affect the impulsive buying behavior of customers. There are many other factors as well which may influence the buying behavior of customers which should be considered in future researches. Also, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic during this research, the survey could only be conducted online, which may result in less accurate sampling and may distort the results.



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