Requirements for Starting a Business in UK

Requirements for starting a business in London can be very intimidating for many new entrepreneurs. These documents are required to form part of the British corporation law and they include information such as: a written statement by the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Company confirming that all necessary registrations have been made; Articles of Association of the Company from the Society of Certified Accountants of London and the Company Voluntary Agreement signed by the members of the Board of Directors confirming their authority over the Company. The Articles of Association also include a Memorandum and Articles of Association for the Company. Other documentation may be needed by some accounting firms but this information should not be difficult to find because all of the large accountancy firms in London will have their own requirements for starting up.


Some of the main requirements for starting up a business in London include: a registration of the company, the submission of Articles of Association, the lodging of the Articles of Association and the payment of the appropriate taxes and fees. The accountant will need to gather these documents from the Society of Certified Accountants of London, the company secretary or the accountant. From there, the paperwork will be sent to the tax advisor of the firm. This process is rather lengthy but it’s one that every new business has to deal with.

Submit Documents

After submitting all of these documents the company must still produce an annual return to the HMRC and must operate through a limited liability company. This means that the owner of the business will not be liable for the tax unless there is a court case or a claim of something wrong. A limited liability company protects the owner and guarantees that the tax inspector and the tax officer cannot go after the assets of the business unless there is fraud involved. The company can use a special kind of company formation known as a partnership in order to save on the tax burden. The partnership will then pass the savings to the individuals who are partners in the business.

Formalities that Needed to Start a Business

There are other formalities that are needed to start a business. A proof of funds report is the first step that needs to be completed for any business that wants to apply for a patent. The process for applying for a patent is the same for all businesses, so it is very important that all of the necessary documents are prepared before submitting them. The requirements for starting a business in the UK even include the laying out of financial requirements. These include information on the income of the business and its expenditures. The accountant will need to work with the owners in order to provide all of the information needed.

Tax Benefits

When it comes to UK tax benefits the first thing that an accountant will have to do is review the paperwork that has been provided to him. He must decide if he wants to provide any tax rebates, any interest or dividend tax credits and if he is eligible to get any of these benefits. Every business is different, so the requirements for starting a business in the UK are going to vary according to the size of the business and the tax benefits that they are eligible for. All businesses must understand what their tax obligations will be and they must also understand how the tax benefits can help them to reduce their tax obligations.


Business owners who want to save on their taxes must use every advantage that they can to minimize their tax liabilities. If a person is unable to deduct expenses from his paycheck then he should not have any deductions at all. It is important that the owner of the business takes every deduction that he is eligible for in order to properly compute his tax obligations. A person can only take deductions that are allowed by the tax code that he is using.

UK Tax Law

All UK tax law and regulations can change at any point of time so it is important that an owner of a business always stays in touch with the latest news regarding tax laws. It is important that the owner familiarizes himself with the changes that are implemented by the authorities. All business owners must be proactive when it comes to paying their annual taxes because even the tiniest mistake can lead to huge problems. Every business owner must also look for any special rebates and incentives that he or she may be eligible for before paying his tax obligations. There are many types of rebates and incentives available if a business owner is willing to search for them.

Requirements for Starting a Business

There are several other requirements for starting a business. These requirements can differ from business to business depending on the type of business that is being operated. It is very important for a person starting a business in UK to familiarize himself with the laws and regulations regarding starting a business in UK.


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