The History Of Sports Broadcasting


Sports broadcasts are very important today, but before they were very different. The history of sports broadcasting is very interesting, in part because of its humble beginnings. If you’re interested in sports streaming, it’s a good idea to know a bit more about how it all started. Read on to learn more about the history of sports broadcasting.

First sports broadcast

The first sports program is said to have aired in Lawrence, Kansas in 1911. One night in 1911, 1000 people gathered to watch a re-enactment of the Kansas-Missouri football game. The game was played live in Missouri, but Western Union sent a telegram to inquire after each game. After each game, people announced what had happened and mapped it out using a football pitch model.

Broadcast sports on the radio.

The broadcast of Radio sport helped spread the idea of ​​sports broadcasting. The first sports sound broadcast was on April 11, 1921. It is a live broadcast of a 10-round boxing match, and its success will lead to more sports broadcasts. Baseball games could be heard on the radio, and eventually all kinds of sports were broadcast on the radio, and everyone was delighted.

Live Sports

You can see that the first live sport in Germany was in the 1936 Olympics. This is the Nazi era and the famous Olympics where Jesse Owens won many gold medals in the United States. The first televised sports broadcast in the United States were not until May 17, 1939. The first broadcast was a college baseball game between Columbia Lions and Princeton Tigers, which aired on Youth citizenship.

Sports broadcasts will soon become very popular on television. In the early days of television, we could find all kinds of sports programming on our networks. Everything from local sports to professional wrestling matches is broadcast. This paved the way for the importance of 해외스포츠중계for the entire television industry.

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