What Russian Women Find Attractive in Men

Many around the world admire Russian women for different reasons. Their supermodel-like beauty alone is enough to get people’s attention. If not that, maybe their frank nature fascinates them; you have to admit, it’s refreshing to see some honesty in a world where most people walk on eggshells.


With that said, what makes a man attractive to a Russian women? Does he need to be as equally gorgeous as she is? Should he be just as blunt as her? Is a fat bank account a requirement?


Sadly, we don’t have the answers to these questions. What we do have, though, are ideas. So before you ask a Russian woman out on a date, you may want to clue yourself in on what she’s looking for.


A Russian Women’s Checklist for Her Ideal Guy

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1. Be a man of your word

What women doesn’t like loyalty? If you think that Russian girls are an exception to this rule, think again. Unless you’re a serial womanizer, being faithful in return isn’t a tall order, yes? You don’t have to stick by her side physically 24/7. But the least you can do is reassure her that you’ve got her back just as much as she has yours.


Of all the things a woman asks of you, loyalty is high on the pecking order for a reason. With the love and commitment they give to you, it’s not unfair to say that they expect at least some of that in return. What kind of relationship would it be if only one person was pulling their weight?


2. Don’t leave your manners out the door

What good does a handsome face do if it doesn’t have the manners to go with it?


Much like loyalty, decent and appropriate behavior shouldn’t be too much to ask. You don’t need to be posh and princely, but please act accordingly, especially when you’re around and with other people. Being a gentleman has never (and will never) gone out of style—don’t let toxic masculinity convince you otherwise! 


Each country has its own rules. Russia is no exception. Earn extra respect and brownie points by doing your research (the fact-based kind, of course! Please don’t trust fake news). Get up to speed on their cultural and societal non-negotiables.


3. Don’t sell yourself short

Confidence is always sexy. There’s nothing like an aura of a self-assured man who knows what he wants and how he wants it. However, do remember that there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Some men, unfortunately, blur that and become show-offs. With that, how can men draw lines and present themselves confidently without the braggadocio?


Here are some tips:


  • Would you mind watching your words?

Words are pretty powerful things. One tiny slip-up can cause an avalanche, and trust us—you don’t want to deal with that!


  • Own up to mistakes and weaknesses

None of us are perfect humans, so please hold yourself accountable for your mistakes and never assume that you’re the smartest person at all times.


  • Be happy for other people’s wins

You don’t have to play the “win at all costs” game. Just because you haven’t won anything doesn’t make you a loser in life.


  • Be mindful of your body language

Even the subtlest gestures can translate to bold messages. Like what the famous Scarface quote says, the eyes never lie.


  • #ItsNotThatDeep

Don’t take yourself too seriously! Know when to lighten up because, as cheesy as this sounds, life is short. We deserve a bit of fun every now and then, and dating is a part of that.


Look after yourself

Russian women aren’t asking for jaw-dropping supermodel looks here, okay? All they want in the looks department is a man who knows how to take care of himself. Even if you have the face of a god, no woman will come near you if you have poor hygiene.


You shouldn’t spend endless hours in the mirror to look good. If you have nasty habits, now’s the perfect time to clean up. We recommend taking showers every day (as tiring as this sounds) for a good start. If you have facial hair and want to keep it, make sure it’s well-groomed. Remember to keep the stench away and smell good at all times!


 Got long-term plans? Good!

TLC sang it best: a scrub is a guy that can’t get any love from a woman. Are you a lazy bum? Good luck on getting a woman if you can’t even get out of your couch!


No, you don’t need to be rich to impress a Russian lady. However, she’s more likely to stick around if you’re a man with his finances and ambitions in order. If she sees you’re not just a slacker with a handsome face, she may have found herself a keeper.


Russian women’s preferences may vary from person to person, but we hope we’ve covered some universal ideas. Before entering the dating pool, please check yourself before you wreck yourself.


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