How to Register for CA Articleship Training?

CA Articleship plays an important part in the Chartered Accountancy journey. As we understand that theoretical knowledge alone can not help us become CA, practical knowledge must also be included in the course. CA Articleship is the practical training for the CA aspirants, which they have learnt in their books. Moreover, it is impossible to register for the CA Final course without going through the CA articleship training.

The CA IPCC Result and CA Inter result Dec 2021 have been released by ICAI. Students who have passed either one or both the groups in their Intermediate /IPCC Exams become eligible to register for articleship training.

The CA Articlehip period is of 3 years without completing which you won’t be able to appear in the CA Final Exam.

Eligibility for CA Articleship Training

A candidate must fulfil the CA Articleship eligibility criteria before applying for registration,

  • If the student has appeared in CA Intermediate Exam through the CA Foundation route, then they must pass either single or both groups of CA Intermediate or CA IPCC Exam.
  • If the student is appearing for CA Intermediate Exam through the direct route, then they can apply for Artcilceship training as soon as they fill their CA Intermediate Registration Form.

Procedure to Register for CA Articleship Training

If you are eligible for the CA articleship training, then you can register yourself for it. For CA Articleship registration, students must buy Form 102 and Form 103 from ICAI. The cost of these forms is INR 50. So, the first step you need to do is to download Forms 102 and 103 from the institute’s website. After downloading the form, follow the given steps to fill out both forms.

  • Copy of CA Intermediate/CA IPCC result attested by the principal. The result must state that you have qualified either first or both the groups of CA Intermediate/CA IPCC.
  • Copy of the class 12th or 10th marksheet for DOB proof.
  • Attested copy of the ITT and Orientation Program certification.
  • Pay the CA Articleship registration fees of Rs. 2000 through Demand Draft.

The principal or the CA under whom the candidate will practice must attest to all the documents as mentioned above. To start the articleship training, the documents and Form 103 must reach ICAI within 30 days. After the document verification and proper permission by ICAI, students can begin their articleship training.

Registration Form 102

Form 102 is also known as the registration for the deed of Articles. It has to be executed on a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper. Also, affix the prerequisite value on it. This deed of the article must be implemented for three years. The deed should have the sign of the article assistant and the principal, and make sure to execute it in a printed form in duplicate. The Principal will keep the original copy, whereas the assistant will take the duplicate copy for proof. Students do not have to submit the deed of the article to ICAI for articleship registration.

Registration Form 103

The candidates need to submit Form 103, also known as the statements of particulars, as an articled assistant. They also have to submit 3 copies of Form 103. Out of the three copies, one copy must be submitted to ICAI, one to the principal, and the third to the article assistant.

Importance of CA Articleship Training

Help you to Become a Professional

The three years of articleship training will help you become a professional. This long training will give you the chance to grab a lot of practical knowledge and theories. After clearing the CA Final, you will be a fresher with three years of professional experience.

Learn to Handle Clients

During the CA Articleship period, you will practically learn to deal with the clients in the CA Firm. Only a CA course gives you the chance to live a professional life before you are placed. In the CA Firms, you will meet the clients every day, and you will learn about numerous problems and the ways to tackle those. Hence, this training is a great way to make you eligible to handle the Clients.

Learn to Analyze and Answer the Case Studies

In the CA Final Paper, case studies are very important as the papers will be full of them. During your CA Articleship training, you will experience the case studies practically so you can solve them with a practical approach. This will help you out in the papers such as Taxation and Auditing. Hence, you are also practising for your Final CA paper in training.

Get a Professional Attitude

As a CA, we represent the entire firm to the clients. So, in such instances, our personality matters a lot. The clients will focus on your way of talking, sitting, representing, confidence, and everything. In CA articleship training, the candidates learn to maintain their personality and several interpersonal skills. Articleship taught the students to handle challenging situations, multiple tasks, and have patience. Hence, by the end of the articleship training, you will be coming out with a professional attitude.

Develop Time Management Skill

The articleship training makes you the master of time management. At the same time, you need to join the office, attend to the clients, complete the paper works, do the self-study for the Final Exams, etc. All these tasks and the pressure at an early age taught you the importance of time and how to manage it. Once you learn to handle all these tasks, you can easily manage your daily tasks and time.

Top 10 CA Firms for Articleship

There are numerous big CA Firms in India that offers CA articleship training. Some of the most popular and well-established CA Articleship firms are mentioned below:

  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young
  • KPMG
  • BDO International
  • Lodha & Co.
  • PWC
  • RSM International
  • SS Kothari Mehta & Co.
  • Sahni Natrajan & Bahl (SNB)
  • Grant Thornton International

Therefore, CA articleship training is an essential part of the curriculum. All the candidates who have passed the CA intermediate Exam must complete their three years of articleship training to appear in CA Final Exam. For articleship training, the students need to complete registration with ICAI. These three years of articleship training will teach you the practical aspects of Chartered Accountancy.

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