Cert 3 Childcare – A Course To Ensure A Great Start For Early Childhood Education

Do you love to be with children? If the answer is ‘yes, you can go for a professional career in the child care sector. As job opportunities in this sector are on a rapid rise in Australia, you can look for available child care courses. Children, especially in their early childhood, go through more rapid development, both mentally, physically, and socially. At this age, they are always curious about everything they come across. Working with them will never let you get bored. You will never feel to be working; it will be all fun. You can apply for a certificate 3 in childcare which will get you employed in the childcare sector.

What is meant by Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course?

This course is a course designed for beginners, where you will learn a lot of basic knowledge of handling children, different aspects of children’s psychology, how to teach them with utmost care etc. You can go for an online or an on-campus course, according to your own choice. Certificate 3 in childcare Perth course will allow you to attend campus classes.

What are the advantages of choosing cert 3 childcare course?

There are certain advantages of taking a cert 3 childcare course which is as follows:

  • The course is a nationally registered one, which will provide you valid authentication necessary to apply for a job.
  • As it is mentioned above that, this course is a beginner’s course. So, here you can learn the basic skills required to become a childcare professional. This same course offers various job opportunities, from nanny or babysitter to family day-care worker and early childhood educator.
  • Are you worried about financial difficulties? Well, you need not. You can apply for government funding to cover your course expenses.
  • In this course, you will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in early childhood education and care. Moreover, you can get enough flexibility to study, which means that you can learn whenever you get the time, on weekdays or weekends, and at your own pace. You can choose to study rapidly, or you can take ample time to complete the course.
  • The course requires a short period to complete. You will need to study for only one to one and a half years. Just imagine, you can get abundant job opportunities after studying for less than two years.
  • You need to complete 120 hours of vocational placement at any registered Australian Childcare Education Centre for the certificate. This considerable amount of time you have to devote to vocational training will make you an expert in practical knowledge to help you in your job career.
  • This certificate will require very minimum requirements. If you just passed out of high school, then you can happily enrol in this course. But, one thing, you should be at least 18 years of age.
  • The knowledge that you will get in Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care will build a solid base, after which you can go for the Diploma course.
  • You will teach young and completely fresh minds, thus making a difference in their beautiful lives.
  • This course will assure you of a satisfying and fulfilling career.


What job opportunities you may get through a certificate iii in child care?

You can get placed in various basic childcare sector jobs, of which three we discuss here.

When, the children, are six to twelve years of age, they get their learning from early childhood teachers. As an early childhood teacher, you will plan, organize and involve your students in several daily activities in a childcare centre or a similar environment. These activities will help them build physical, mental, and social skills for a much happier life. For this job, you need to have more than one specified skill.

If you feel that you’re naturally a very caring and patient person, this job is ideal for you. You will draw lesson plans, organize group lessons for the children, and discuss their overall development with their parents. It will be better to work during the daytime and on weekdays in any school or community centre or childcare centre. The payment is also quite worthy and satisfying.

Child Care Worker

Do you love cuddling babies or cute toddlers? Then, this job is appropriate for you. As a child care worker, you need to take care of infants or toddlers in a wide range of environments like home, crèche or childcare centre when their parents are unavailable to care for them. You can get employed in private residences by any child care or community centres. Such a thing mostly happens when both the parents do regular jobs. Working with such tiny flowers will be a lifetime experience that you cannot forget so easily. You have to involve in a range of so-called ‘childish’ activities like jumping into the sandbox or play something with them. You have to read something funny to them and share something with them to develop communication skills. You must be very caring, organized and presentable to parents. And most importantly, you will get a decent payment for all the labour you give.

Child Care Centre Manager

As a child care centre manager, you will require to oversee the operations of a child care centre and build coordination between the early childhood educators. As you can understand that, the job is quite busy but at the same time very satisfying as it is you who will make the long-term planning of a centre and inspire your staff. You have to be an excellent observer, patient, communicating, and have skills to judge and solve problems.

Ending note

You can look at official websites of different colleges and training institutes to know details about course subjects, course duration and delivery and employment opportunities. Usually, all these websites cover similar points, but there are some institute-specific requirements and facilities, which you should be aware of very well.

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