Accomplish Various Career Opportunities With Beauty Courses In Perth

Are you interested in experimenting with make-ups and beautification? Then attending beauty and spa courses is the best option for you. You may wonder what you will require and what job opportunities you may find upon completing the course. Well, you should not worry at all. Here we discuss the entry requirements and job opportunities associated with beauty courses.

What are the entry requirements for beauty courses Perth?

You will have to meet the following entry requirements to enroll in any reputed College of Beauty Therapy in Perth. Generally, there are three types of offered courses, which include certificate III, certificate IV, and diploma.

Entry requirements for certificate III and IV: To get enrolled in the certificate III or IV course, you must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Your age must be at least 16 years.
  2. You will need to provide a copy of a senior secondary certificate of education that you received from any agency or authority (like school) for your completion of class 12.
  3. There will be an assessment carried out using PCBT (Perth College of Business Technology) pre-enrolment assessment. It will help the authority determine what level of LLN (Language, Literacy, and Numeracy) you are currently at. It will also help them to identify support if needed.

The college had already analyzed all the units of competency associated with all the qualifications mentioned above. Based on that, it designed a blueprint of foundation skills required for each unit. Results of your PCBT pre-assessment will come under analysis and discussion in your enrolment interview. When you meet all the qualifications and enroll on a qualification, PCBT will monitor the progress and offer various supports in different forms. These forms include extra tuition sessions, implementation of course support and intervention strategies, reasonable adjustment, and advice on requiring additional training.


Entry requirements for diploma: To get enrolled in the diploma course, you need to fulfill the following qualifications:

  1. The age must be at least 17 years.
  2. You will need to provide a copy of a senior secondary certificate of education received from any agency or authority (like school) for your completion of class 12.
  3. Here, you will check whether your competency is at or above exit level 3 in the (ACSF) or Australian Core Skills Framework in both numeracy and reading. 
  4. You need to hold at least a national Australian Certificate IV qualification. 
  5. The VET provider has to believe that you will display competence.


If you cannot get the required exit level 3 you should get further training. A certificate in General Education can be helpful. These certificates are widely available. Usually, we recommend specific college campuses for this course. You can search for that information on the internet.


What are the employment opportunities available after beauty courses in Perth?

While choosing your college, we recommend that you choose the best option for it. Whenever you select a highly reputed institution with high recognition in the industry, the chances of getting attractive placement opportunities increases accordingly. Here we have discussed some of the placement sectors where you can find job opportunities once you complete your study.


  1. Travel

You can get employed in onboard luxury cruise liners. One of the exciting facts is that you can travel across the world if you join this sector. Recruitment officers of the cruise line usually visit the colleges regularly. This sounds fascinating, isn’t so?

Besides cruise ships, you can also get a job in health resorts or destination resort spas. In the modern-day world, health resorts and day spas have become necessities for affluent travelers. You have to be very much dedicated to caring for health and wellbeing. Here also, you can get the chance to see beautiful locations all around the world.


  1. Salon or Day Spa Owner/Manager/Therapist

Not just a regular beautician, but you can become an owner or manager or a head therapist of a salon or spa. Here, you will be responsible for carrying out all kinds of beauty and body treatments you learned in your course.


  1. Skin Care Centres/Skin Care Representative

After completing graduation of Beauty Specialist or Beauty Therapy diplomas, successful candidates opt to become skincare specialists. Here, you will get equipped with advanced skincare treatments. In addition to that, you can also become expert cosmetic consultants for notable skincare brands.


  1. Lecturer

If you are not interested in getting a placement immediately after the course, you can suitably choose to pursue higher studies. Or, you may gather some experience in the industry after your graduation and then go for higher studies. The second option will be beneficial if you want to start a career in teaching. If you love teaching young minds, a post of lecturer can be advantageous for you.


  1. Home/Mobile Business

Right now, in a world ridden by pandemic, most people start doing business from home. You can also create a home or mobile business which will be economically very profitable and socially rewarding. The most significant benefit will be, you can choose your hours of operation.


  1. Medi Spa

Many students apply for postgraduate studies, which allow them to work in the field of cosmetic medicine and advanced beauty. You can work in the paramedical beauty therapy specialization field. Here, you will deal with advanced skin treatments, including microdermabrasion, I. P. L. (Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, popularly known as photo facial), and chemical peels.


  1. Make-up Artist

At last, comes the make-up artist. It is a widespread job opportunity that you may have heard about very often. Make-up artists are required in various industrial sectors like film, theatre, and fashion. Freelance make-up artists are also hired for magazines, media, television, performance-based programs, and family ceremonies, primarily marriages. So, after you complete your make-up diploma, you can quickly join this profession.

In the end


Perth in Western Australia is indeed a wonderful city and friendly too. You can get a unique academic environment and dynamic work culture. So, for crucial information, you can discuss with a proficient education consultant in Perth or a reliable Education Agent Perth. 


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