Top 8 highly educated Politicians in India

India is the second-largest democratic country in the world. For a smooth administration, the country has been divided into many states, constituencies, villages, panchayats, wards, etc. And every year several elections take place to get a leader for these geographical regions. There are elections to get sarpanch, parshad, MLA, MP, and so on. But one thing that needs attention is that anybody can participate in the election. The only criteria are, the candidate should be above certain age depending upon the position he is contesting election for. Yes, that’s the only criteria. So be it anyone, male-female, literate-illiterate, demon-devil, police-thief, or just anyone can contest an election. And this is the reason, there are leaders from all walks of life in our country. While few leaders haven’t even completed their schooling, we also have/had few highly educated personalities in our government. Let’s check out what they studied and where they studied from.

Before we start, you must know that these educated politicians have studied from the top universities of the world. They worked for MNCs and then entered politics to serve the nation. So students who want to serve the country and are also confused about whether to go abroad for higher studies or not do not need to worry. You can apply for admission to foreign universities, process the documents required like transcripts (Pune University transcript, DU transcript, or transcript from any university you are pursuing your graduation), MoI, ECA, and complete your masters abroad. You can serve your nation afterward too. So let’s get started with the list.

  1. Shashi Tharoor

Becoming popular among youth lately because of his stand-up comedies, he is a politician, writer, author, and former international diplomat. He belongs to the INC party and has worked as Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations.

He completed his honors degree in History from St. Stephen’s College (Delhi University). Then went to the US to complete his M.A. in International Relations from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University, Medford). He also did M.A. in Law and Diplomacy and Ph.D. in International Relations and Affairs. He is known as the youngest person who completed his doctorate at the age of 22 in the history of Fletcher School.

  1. Harsh Vardhan

He was the BJP president and CM candidate in the state of Delhi. He has done MBBS from Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College, Kanpur. And completed his Masters of Surgery in Otorhinolaryngology.

  1. Manmohan Singh

He was a very bright student who stood first in his entire academic year. He completed his bachelor’s and Master’s in Economics from Punjab University. He went to the University of Cambridge and completed his Economics Tripos.

  1. Jayant Sinha

Currently serving as the Chairperson for Standing Committee on Finance, he has worked as Minister of State for Civil Aviation and Minister of State for Finance. He graduated from IIT Delhi. He got his transcripts, applied to the University of Pennsylvania, and completed his MS in Energy Management & Policy. Later he obtained his MBA from Harvard Business School as well.

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  1. Chidambaram

He has done B.Sc. (Presidency College of Madras University), LLB (Law college of Madras University), MBA (Harvard University, USA)

  1. Jairam Ramesh

His educational qualification include B.Tech (IIT, Bombay), M.S. (Carnegie Mellon University, USA), Graduate Study (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

  1. Jyotiraditya Scindia

He completed his schooling at Doon School. After that completed his graduation in Economics from Harvard University, MBA from Stanford Graduate School, and has worked for Morgan and Stanley and Merrill Lynch as an investment banker.

  1. Subramaniam Swamy

He has completed his Master’s degree in Mathematics from the Hindu College. He has also done Masters in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute (Kolkata) and Ph.D. in Economics (Harvard University)

So these were few of the highly educated politicians in India. There are other names on the list too such as Suresh Prabhu, KapilSibbal, Salman Khurshid, and many more. While our constitution allows anyone to contest elections, thankfully we have educated politicians like these who are shaping the future of our country. As long as there are educated and qualified ministers like these, we can rest assured whoever sits on the chair Prime Minister. What do you think?

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